Top 7 Must Things to Do in the United Kingdom on Your Next Trip

The United Kingdom comprises the world’s beauty kings- England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and many more. Its origin was the kingdom of Anglo-Saxon’s king Athelstan in the 10th Century. The United Kingdom presents the gifts of technology and industries to the world. This most developed area of the world represents its culture greatly through its literature, music, television, film, theatre, and books. Britain is the major contributor to linguistics. English (the official language of UK) is now medium of conversation of the whole world. The United Kingdom has the renowned historical background of Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Normans. It has unique architecture buildings and natural beauty. In this article, I shall go through top 7 places which you must visit on your next trip to UK.

1. Leadenhall Market:

Leadenhall mark is situated in Gracechurch Street-London- which is covered and very famous among people of United Kingdom as well as people from all over the world. With the beautiful and stunning interior architecture and sky-scraping enchantress lights, Leadenhall market is the most influential market in the influential city London. It is the oldest market starting developing from the 14th Century. This market is most ironic and recognizable in the Victorian era, but its architecture is not the same as it was in the Victorian era. John Croxton redesigned Leadenhall market in 1499. Unfortunately, the original mark was knocked down in 1881 before redesigned by Sir Horace Jones. Due to its unbelievable talent, the market becomes that valuable that it was listed under Grade II top heritage places in 1972. This market had been the shooting place of the popular movie Harry Potter.
2. Camera Obscura and World of Illusions:

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is the second tourist’s attraction in the UK according to the inaugural Trip Adviser Award 2013. It is full of fun for kids and adults too. The series of endless amazing games especially puzzles and different dazzling lights for various effects together make this place the most attractive place in Edinburg. The beginning of this entertaining area is a live projection of a bird’s eye from the top of the tower in 1835. Camera Obscura and World of Illusions have the various interesting things like the tunnel of dreams, the mirror maze, the morph machine, magic gallery and it is also the host of largest Hologram exhibition in Europe.
3. Stonehenge:

A prehistoric monument, situated in Wiltshire, consists of a ring of stones known as Stonehenge. This Stonehenge started building about 5,000 years ago in various stages; this is famous in the whole world due to its history. This place is best for the family because it motivates how small pieces of work resulted in a big world-famous place, Stonehenge. It consists of 83 stones. Sir Edmond Antrobas owns this site.
4. Giant’s Causeway:

Giant’s Causeway is located in the United Kingdom’s country, Antrim. One of the most popular attractions of tourists in Northern Ireland was the 4th best natural wonder in the UK. It was also selected as World Heritage Site in 1986. This stunning natural rock formation has always been a family attraction place. Before approximately 50 million years ago, these rocks developed as a result of intense volcanic activity.
5. National Railway Museum:

The museum is the great sort of place in case of the family because it attracts kids a lot and a huge source of information about our history. National Railway Museum situated in York is a great spot for family entertainment. This museum of UK won many awards in the past out of which the popular one is the European Museum of the Year Award 2001. The museum has a collection of 100 locomotives and more than 300 other rolling stocks. The world’s famous and fastest steam train Mallard is a part of this museum while Chinese Locomotion is the largest locomotion in the museum. The Royal train of the time of Queen Victoria carries the same carriage as of Queen Victoria includes gold and silk of that time.
6. Eden Project:

Eden project is based on the collection of different kinds of plants from various climates and areas. These plants include coffee, rubber, bananas, sugar, and many others. The most unbelievable fact of this interesting place is it is impossible that these plants are on one ground in one environment. It consists of different biomes. The most important biome is rainforest biome because rainforests are now on only 5% of the world’s land. Eden project composed of more than 135,000 plants, this is the one of best family attraction in the UK.
7. Tintagel Castle:

Tintagel Castle has been famous from the mid of 19th century among visitors from all over the world. This gorgeous castle, situated in Cornwell, is under English Heritage. The Tintagel Castle area belonged to the renowned King Arthur. Tintagel Castle also worked as a trade center in the Roman Empire. According to some historical legends, this is the place where Great King Arthur was born. In this fascinating setting, anyone can imagine a new world of discoveries and creatures.
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