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Benefits of Watermelon for Skin, Hair and Health

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Many people wait for the summer season to eat two fruits one is Mango and the other is Watermelon. This delicious and refreshing fruit is one of my favourite fruit of summer. It is rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, C, B and many other healthy compounds. Watermelon contains 46 calories per cup and it helps to remove bad cholesterol. Well, there are many other benefits of watermelon for skin, hair and health.

Watermelon is such an amazing fruit that just picturing it, makes us cool and gives a refreshing feeling. Apart from being rich in nutrients, Watermelon is also loaded with lycopene and antioxidants, which helps to give the fruit a red colour. So, let’s check out the blog to understand more about the benefits of watermelon.

Check out the blog-

15 Health Benefits of Watermelon

1. Keeps Heart Healthy-

It is very necessary to keep your heart healthy. You should exercise, eat healthy food and be stress-free. Watermelon is one such fruit, which removes the accumulation of bad cholesterol This fruit is loaded in citrulline, which helps to reduce the stiffness of arteries.

2. Helps to Treat Inflammation-

Another compound found in Watermelon is Lycopene. Lycopene consists of anti-inflammatory properties which helps to treat inflammation.

3. Keeps you Hydrated-

Watermelon consists of 90% water. As the name suggests, this fruit is the best source to keep your body hydrated. Consumption of this fruit, helps to increase urination naturally without putting load on your kidney.

4. Helps to Relieve Soreness of Muscle-

Many times after a heavy workout, your muscles might feel sore. Watermelon is loaded with electrolyte and amino acid, which helps to soothe the sore muscles. Consumption of watermelon helps to reduce muscle fatigue and it provides more oxygen to muscles, helping them to recover fast.

5. Aids Digestion-

Watermelon is rich in both water and fiber. It helps to promote the digestion and prevents the problem of constipation.

6. Prevents Macular Degeneration-

Macular degeneration means the eye disorder. Watermelon is a rich source of lycopene, and this compound helps to reduce the risk of macular degenerative disease. Antioxidants found in the fruit helps to keep your eyes healthy and protects it from free radicals.

7. Controls Blood Pressure-

We already have discussed that watermelon is a rich source of citrulline. Citrulline helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. It is a good source of potassium, which is known to lower high BP.

8. Helps in Weight Loss-

Yes, there are some fruits like watermelon, consumption of which aids in weight loss. The high water content in watermelon, gives you the feeling of full and also speed up the metabolism. Water helps to flush out the toxins from the body and contribute in weight loss.

9. Improves Bone Health-

Vitamin C is very important for the well-being of bones and to heal wounds. Lycopene, found in Watermelon helps to prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures.

10. Helps in Skin and Hair Care-

We all want our skin and hair to be healthy and beautiful. Watermelon is a rich source of Vitamin C, which helps in collagen synthesis. Collagen is very important to keep your skin supple and to strengthen your hair follicles. Beta-carotene present in Watermelon helps to prevent skin conditions like vitiligo and psoriasis.

Vitamin A found in Watermelon, helps in the creation of new skin cells.

11. Strengthens Immunity           –

Good immunity is all you need in today’s time. Watermelon is loaded with Vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the immune system. This amazing fruit is also rich in Vitamin B6, which helps to produce antibodies and helps in the formation of red blood cells.

12. Promotes Sexual Health-

Watermelon is rich in amino acid citrulline, it relaxes and dilates the blood vessel and also helps in treatment of erectile dysfunction. It can also be treated as natural viagara.

13. Prevents Heat Stroke-

All you need is a good amount of water in your body, to protect it from heatstroke. Watermelon is rich in water content; it is known to prevent hyperthermia. It helps to relieve heat and heat exhaustion.

14. Boosts Energy Level-

There is some fruit, which provides instant energy to us- Watermelon is one of them. It is a rich source of vitamin B, which is responsible for the energy level in the body. Watermelon is low in calories and very high in energy, it helps us stay active for rest of the day.

15. Promotes Healthy Gums-

We often don’t care about gums, but it is necessary to keep them healthy. Watermelon being rich in Vitamin C helps to keep gums and capillaries healthy. Vitamin C helps to kill bacteria that are in the mouth, otherwise, it can lead to problems like gum infections and gum diseases.

So, above are some amazing benefits of this watery fruit watermelon. Think of a nutrients and watermelon will have it. Start eating this delicious fruit every day in summer and beat the heat like never before.

Did you know about these benefits of Watermelon?

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