15 Trending Cute Easter Nail Art Designs of 2024

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Easter is here and so being the time to enjoy it with our relatives and friends or to go out. We often plan everything for our vacation starting from places to visit to what to wear. What we forget is decorating our nails according to the vacation and the holiday season.

Believe me nail art not only adds in to our personality but it also helps to express the joy and happiness we feel for taking the vacation. So, this Easter weekend, let your nails do the talking.

Check out the amazing Easter Nail Art-

Trendy Easter Nail Art Ideas

1. Baby Chick Nail Art Idea

Easy Easter Nails
Pic credit:

I really like this easter nail art design. It shows everything what easter is about. Flowers blooming, Chickens, Eggs. Although this nail art looks very beautiful and eye-catching, it will require professional to get it exactly like this.

2. Bunny Couple Easter Design

Bunny Easter nail art
Pic credit:

I really like the bunny couple nail art design. It is totally in line with the vacation vibes. There are two ways to get this bunny couple easter nail art design-

You can either get it done by a professional or you can buy nail art stickers from Amazon to design it on your own.

3. Beautiful Flower Nail Art Design

Easy Easter Nails
Pic credit:

The way the nail art has contrasting base color really makes the easter nail art design eye-catching. The polka dot design on the other nails can be made very easily.

You just need a base color and white color for the dots. For the basket and egg design, it is better to use nail art stickers from Amazon.

4. Bunny Ears Easter Nail Art

Easy Easter Nails
Pic credit:

This nail art design is for those, who likes to stay fashionable and yet minimal. In the above design, you can see different flowers being made and one had golden bunny ears as if the bunny is hiding.

  • For the above nail art design, you need different colors for the flower. With the help of pain brush, the flower design can be made.
  • Hiding Bunny Ears can be made with the golden nail paint.

5. Different Design Easter Nail Art

Easter Nail Colors
Pic credit:

The best and easy way to get this is to use stickers for some nails and DIY on some nails. For glitter nails and flowers you can try using your own creativity.

For the bunny, using easter nail art stickers is good.

6. Colorful Zig-Zag Line Easter Nail Art

Easter Nail Colors
Pic credit:

I love the colorful vibes this nail art design brings with it. You need to be very patient and precise while going for this design.

  • First go for the transparent base color.
  • Now, with while nail color and toothpick draw the zig-zag lines.
  • Fill the zig-zag lines with different colors.
  • Again apply transparent base color to secure the nail art design.

7. Pastel Shade Easter Nail Art

Easter Nail Colors
Pic credit:

If you do not like bright colors, then this nail art design is for you. Colored with pastel shades this nail art design is perfect for any afternoon gathering. The colors match the easter holiday vibes.

You can try this nail art art design on your own. Just some flower petal shape and golden bunny ears with golden egg. Yes, you can add your own creativity, but keep in mind the design concept.

8. Hopping Bunny Easter Nail Art

Easter Nail 2024
Pic credit:

This nail art is for tweens and teens. The cute vibe that this easter nail art brings with itself. You can use the bunny stickers on the colorful background, to give it a beautiful and cute look.

9. Bunny Tail Easter Nail Art

Bunny Easter nail art
Pic credit:

Want to try something different? Check out this cute Bunny tail easter nail art. Although there’s a whole bunny in here, but the main focus is on the cute, round tail.

This nail art does not require much of the professional knowledge.

  • You can make the outline of the bunny first and
  • Secure it with a tape.
  • Apply the background color
  • And now paint the bunny in different color.

10. Spring Garden Easter Nail Art

Easter Nail 2024
Pic credit:

Showcasing every symbol, the easter is about- Carrots, Eggs, Chicken and Bunny ears. To achieve this look, the best is to use Easter nail art stickers.

11. Bunny and Easter Egg Nail Art Design

Bunny Easter nail art
Pic credit:

Easter is all about Bunny and Colorful Eggs and this is what the nail art proves here.

  • Choose a background color and secure it.
  • Later, make the bunny and eggs design.
  • Secure the design by a transparent background coat.

12. Baby Chick Nail Art Design

Easter nail art
Pic credit:

I just love this look. It is perfect for toddler and teens. All you need is the background color of your choice. Then with the help of nail paint pencil, you can make the eggs and chicks.

13. Peeping Bunny Nail Art Design

Easter nail art
Pic credit:

The three peeping bunny nail art design. To design these bunnies, it is better to use a nail polish paint, this will give you the perfect precision in drawing the bunnies.

14. Pastel Bunny Nail Art Design

Easter themed nail art
Pic credit:

Pastel shade won’t ever go out of the style and the above design is the proof of it. This pastel shade can be used for any party any time of the day. You can choose your best color shade.

15. Baby Chick Nail Art Design

Easter themed nail art
Pic credit:

The cutest design of all and the credit goes to the cute chicks on the nails. They have actually stole the whole design.

To get the cute little chick design, you can either go to professional or use the best nail art stickers.


Nail Care Tips for Easter

Nail care is very crucial both before and after applying Easter nail art. It is very necessary to keep your nails clean and hygienic. Let’s see how to take care of the nail before and after applying Easter nail art-

Before Applying Easter Nail Art

  • Make sure your nails are clean, groomed and very- hygienic. Remove all the dirt, oil and old nail polish from your nails.
  • Keep your nails very hydrated and moisturized. This helps to reduce the breakage of nails and strengthens them.
  • If you frequently apply nail polish, it is recommended to use a strengthening base coat
  • Trim your nails to desired shape and length, so that, the nail art comes looking amazing.

After Applying Easter Nail Art

  • After applying nail art, give it time to dry before you put on an additional layer. This helps to prevent smudging.
  • Even after applying nail art, continue moisturizing your nail cuticles to prevent dryness.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals, like acetone based nail polish remover. This weakens the nails.
  • Keep doing the nail touch ups.


So, above, you have seen some amazing Easter nail art designs. Easter is the symbol of being happy and celebrating life. It is the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The above nail art is bright, happy and depicts the festival in a beautiful way.

Which Easter nail art design do you like the best?

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