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How to Stay Happy at Home In This Quarantine Time (Things To Do)

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As we all know, the whole world is fighting with the deadly virus- Corona. It was declared a pandemic by WHO.

The virus spreads from touching each other, and all over the country, many deaths have been reported by this. The only way to deal with this virus is to stay at home and maintain social distancing.

Yes, this period is self-quaratined for all of us. We all need to stay at home and avoid any unnecessary contact with others, this is the only way to deal with this virus. Sports events have been canceled, concerts are postponed, schools are closed and even the offices have given the employees work from home. So, we can understand how grave the situation is.

Although staying indoors is a good way to protect yourself from this virus, it also brings boredom as we have a habit of going out and meeting people.

So, now before this boredom kills you. Here are some fun things to do at home in which you can enjoy your time staying at home.

Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored

Check out the list of our 17 things to do at home-

  • PuzzlesPuzzles are a great way to entertain yourself and also to make your brain work. They keep us occupied and focused and our brain starts working differently. You can choose any kind of puzzle like crossword, mystery games, Rubik’s cube, etc.
  • Start Writing If you ever thought about what it would be to start writing, now is the time. You can either start a blog or a journal. Search for any topic which interests you, and start writing.
  • Meditate This is very important, at this crucial time. Meditation calms our minds and lets us think positively. Every day in the morning meditate just for 15 minutes, you will notice a great change in yourself after 21 days.
  • Workstation If you are working from home, you can decorate your workstation so that you feel good. You can hang some pictures, write beautiful quotes on crafts, have some showpieces around. This will brighten up your mood and you will feel good.
  • Netflix & Chill We always heard about this quote and read it many times, now is the time to actually apply it. There are many new and amazing movies and series on Netflix which you can see either alone or with your partner and enjoy the evening.
  • Dance-We often doesn’t feel like dancing, but once we start we don’t feel like stopping. So, make a routine to dance for at least 30 mins. daily. This will make you feel energetic and you will feel happy.
  • Spend time with your Family If possible, spend some quality time with your family. Due to office workload and hectic routines, we often do not get time to spend time with our family. This quarantine time has given us the opportunity to be with our family and have fun.
  • Clean your Home This is something, which we always postpone to the next day when we are In our routine. We just wait for Sundays to do our laundry, and clean our home. Now, we have ample of time and we can use it to decorate our home and give it a new look.
  • Cook- Didn’t you always wanted to try something new. All the youtube channels, which you have seen about cooking. Now, is the time to do that in action. With sufficient time and partners’ help, you can try some amazing recipes. So what, if you cannot eat from outside, we can cook delicious food at home.
  • Read a BookReading is the best way to learn and to pass the time. Reading different stories about people or books on self-improvement they all are a good way to learn and to see the world differently.
  • ColorIt has been proven, that coloring helps to make us happy and also brightens our mood. Whenever you feel sad or gloomy you can start coloring and you will feel how involved you will get and how happy it feels later.
  • Virtual Hangouts- Missing friends, don’t worry there are many apps now which can let you video call 5-10 at once and you all can have the virtual hangout and share your emotions, just the way you used to do.
  • Check out old photosYes, sometimes this is good therapy. Checking out your old photos, lets you understand how fast the time goes by and how to capture each and every moment. You can learn photo editor skill here.
  • Learn new SkillsMake this quarantine period the best time for you, these days there are many new courses online. You can enroll in any one of them and start taking classes. Till the time lockdown gets over, you will have something new to add in your resume.
  • Call at least one family member a dayDue to our busy schedule, it must have been ages that you have talked to your family member. So, now make it a routine to call at least one of your family members daily so that you bond again and also it is good to talk to your family at this crisis time, to understand how they are handling it.
  • Try New HairstyleHow you always wanted to try some new hairstyles whenever you were going to a party. Now, you can utilize the time by perfecting it. Pick up your fav. hairstyle and try it daily, you will become perfect before the lockdown.
  • Look your Finances This is the time when you can finally look into your income statement and understand how to save more, where to invest and how to stop unnecessary expenses.

Self-quarantine is not easy, but it is very necessary in order to save our kind. Since childhood, we always go out for dinner and different events. But now we are lockdown, so instead of cribbing about it, we can make it fun with the above things. Enjoy this time. This too shall pass. 



I am Arpita Dubey. I have done my MBA in marketing and international business. Later, I always wanted to try something of my own, where I have the flexibility to work and also the work interests me. That is when I started writing Content, I like to research and write content which is helpful for readers and also engages them. A mommy of a daughter, I took up the content writing as my full time job and I am loving it.

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