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Trabeauli is a blog website aimed at making you aware about Travel, Beauty and Lifestyle. It is Started by two friends Arpita and Vinita Sharma, founder of Pinswizard, both are passionate about travelling and likes helping people by giving them Beauty Hacks and the way one can live a Healthy Life.The initials of travel, beauty and lifestyle came together to form the name Trabeauli. With a unique name lies a deep meaning in the name

Travel is basically to tell people about “where to travel”, ‘how to travel” and most importantly “when to travel“. We want to bring in your notice places that you have not heard of, places which are the most beautiful and worth visiting. We aim at breaking the stereotype that there are only a few places which are worth visiting by telling you about some unknown and hidden beautiful places in the world.

Beauty focuses on channelizing the inner and outer beauty. Often people forget that being pretty is not everything but being beautiful. Trabeauali would teach you how to do your makeup right and just on point. Well, not only makeup but also facial remedies for glowing and bright skin. We will guide you to be beautiful in a way that makes you look desirable and flawless.

Lifestyle’s purpose is to excite people about their lives. We want to provide our readers with information about how to live a healthy life, the style and the trends trending in market at a time.

We want to add sparks into a normal life. Trabeauli’s sole purpose is to aware people about what they are missing. With simple, creative and worthwhile blogs Trabeauli wants to color people’s plain lifestyles and wants to make them strive for more in life.

From ‘where’ to go, ‘when’ to go; how to look ‘pretty’, how to be ‘beautiful’; how to be ‘stylish’, how to be ‘healthy’ Trabeauli wants its readers to know everything and not miss a single thing! 

(P. S. Hope you guys like our blog and our sincere efforts to enlighten the knowledge of the readers.)

You can contact us at [email protected]!

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