10+ Blue Makeup Ideas Looks You Must Try In 2024

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Whenever I see a Blue eyes or Blue makeup. There’s this one line which comes to my mind

“Blue Eyes Hypnotize kardi”

Yes, a song sung by famous Rapper Honey Singh and it is true too. Be it blue eyes, blue makeup, blue kajal or a blue eyeliner. Color blue has got a mesmerizing and hypnotizing effect. This 2024, is all about going wild and bold with your makeup choices and color Blue comes in it.

Color Blue comes with variety of shades- you will find ice blue shade, dark blue, calming sea blue and what not. It’s all about finding the perfect colour shade for your skin and eye color.

Today, we have brought to you some of the amazing blue makeup style to choose from-

1. Light Blue Frozen Eye Makeup

Pastel Blue Eyeshadow
Pic credit: Pinterest

Doesn’t this blue color remind you of the Frozen movie and the Princesses Elsa? After applying the blue eyeshadow on your lid and underneath eyes, you need some white shimmering  to be applied in the inner eyelid to get the perfect look.

2. Cornflower Power

Blue Winged Eyes
Pic credit: Pinterest

Going bare minimum with the color blue. This eye color and style is perfect for any afternoon beach party.

Just applying a little bit of powdered blue color to the inner eyelids. Completing the look with white kajal.

3. Highlighted Eyeliner

Blue makeup looks simple
Pic credit: Pinterest

If you like to go a little overboard, then this blue makeup will suit you. You can carry this makeup look both for night and day party.

Applying the light blue icy shade underneath your eye and giving it a winged eyeliner touch. Complete the look with little bit of glitters.

4. Dark Blue Eye Makeup

Dark blue makeup ideas
Pic credit: Pinterest

Well, you can never go wrong with this look if it is approved by Rihanna.

This monochromatic blue eyeshadow looks so mesmerizing and bold at the same time.

You just need to apply the color as a blue eyeliner and giving it a winged look. Complete the look ab applying brown eyeshadow.

5. Dual Shade Blue Eye Makeup

Blue makeup ideas for blue eyes
Pic credit: Pinterest

Got two favorite shades of blue? No worries, you can create a blend and use both of them to create a beautiful blue eye makeup.

Apply the dark blue color underneath the eyes and the light blue shade above. This will help you to create a unique look perfect for any party.

6. Night Blue Eye Makeup

Dark blue makeup ideas
Pic credit: Pinterest

Have you ever took a walk beside the blue sea in the night? Well, this blue color makeup style gives the same vibe. The look is sure to grab you some amazing compliments.

Choose the perfect color and create the perfect night beach party look.

7. Glittery Blue Makeup

Glitter blue makeup idea
Pic credit: Pinterest

Glitters are never out of style. You can use them for any party any time of the day. The best thing is you can even try applying the glitters of blue color.

8. Frozen Blue Makeup

Blue eyeshadow
Pic credit: Pinterest

Since the movie Frozen has released, there’s a new hype and love for Ice blue Makeup and to be honest this color looks gorgeous. Be it the dress, hair color, eyeshadow or even a kajal. Ice Blue color looks great on all of it.

9. Teal Blue Makeup

Teal Blue Makeup
Pic credit: Pinterest

Ever heard of Fairy Blue Princesses? Doesn’t this look gives the same vibe. The teal blue makeup color can be used as lipstick, eyeliner and also the hair color, but keep the skin makeup minimum.

10. Blue Wing Tips

Blue Winged Eyes
Pic credit: Pinterest

Trying a different look with this two style blue eyeliner. You can achieve this blue eye makeup by applying it on the edge of both the side. Finish it off by applying golden eyeshadow.

11. Bejeweled Cobalt

Bedazzled Blue Makeup
Pic credit: Pinterest

Even the Lady Gaga, once used the Bejeweled cobalt makeup style. If you see the jewels used are of silver color, which gives a contrasting effect with the blue color.

12. Powder Blue Makeup

Pastel Blue Eyeshadow
Pic credit: Pinterest

Want to try blue eye makeup but afraid to go on too much? Well, this powder blue eye makeup is for you. Just a simple touch of the color as a eyeshadow and you are ready for the brunch party.

Complete the look with black eyeliner and mascara.

So, above are some of the amazing blue makeup ideas which looks perfect for any party. The main thing you have to remember is to choose the perfect shade of blue color according to your skin tone and eye color.

Which blue eye makeup look is your favorite?




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