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How To Relieve and Manage Stress (Anxiety) At Home

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These days it is very common to hear that people suicide due to stress. From a minor crisis to major challenges, stress is a part of our life. Workload pressure, peer pressure, matching deadlines all these things occupy a person so much that it leads to a stressful life. Now, you might be thinking that since stress is unavoidable, how to reduce stress at home? Or how to deal with stress and anxiety? Well, there are some simple tips which will help to relieve you from stress and lead a happy life.

The main challenge to deal with stress is to calm your mind and turn your negative thoughts into positive. So, to answer all your questions regarding how to reduce stress? Read on the blog-

Tips on How to Reduce Stress

  • Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol- If you cannot avoid, at least limit your consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine increases the level of stress rather than reducing it. Alcohol causes depression when taken in large quantities. Try to switch Alcohol and Caffeine with water or fresh juice.


  • Get Uninterrupted Sleep- Losing sleep is one of the main causes of stress. These days due to workload people do not sleep properly, which leads to stress. This cycle of working and not sleeping properly gets worse during the time. So, always make sure you get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Switch off TV and Mobile one hour before you go to bed.


  • Get Social- These days’ people are so involved in their work, they hardly have any time to get social. Being lonely also gives us stress as you do not have anyone to laugh or talk with. Try to get social, call your mom, dad, or any relative or friends whenever you feel stressed out.


  • Get a Stress Diary- Many times we are unable to share it with someone what is bothering us. One way to handle this type of stress is to write it down in a diary. Gratitude helps to relieve stress and anxiety, by writing your thoughts on a paper you feel relaxed and then switch on to positive thoughts.


  • Chew Gum- Thinking how to relieve anxiety quickly? For quick relief in stress, try chewing gum. It has been researched that people who chewed gum had lower stress and also a great sense of well-being. Chewing gum causes brain waves to relax and it also promotes blood flow to your skin.


  • Laugh as much as you can- Laughing is the best medicine. Whenever you feel anxious, try to laugh as much as you can you will suddenly feel light. Laughing is good for your health. It helps to relieve you of stress and also relaxes your muscles. When you laugh your body releases endorphins hormone which improves mood and decreases stress. This is one of the techniques to reduce stress.


  • Do not Procrastinate- Procrastination is a human tendency. When we procrastinate, we add stress to ourselves and also delay our work. This leads to negativity in our mind and affects our sleep. Therefore, whatever work you have, try to finish it on time. Have a habit of making a to-do list and get yourself organized.


  • Cuddle- We do not realize the power of hugging and cuddling our loved one until we do it. It has been proven that cuddling and hugging help to enhance a person’s mood and is also a good stress-buster. Positive physical contact with your loved one helps to release the hormone called oxytocin, which helps to distress you.


  • Soothing Music- Listening to soothing music is one of the best ways to get relieved from stress. Music really helps to calm and soothe our minds. It helps to lower our blood pressure and heart rate which causes stress. You can try listening to some classical music like Celtic, Native American, and some Instrumental songs to reduce stress.


  • Spend time with a Pet- This is another best technique for relieving stress. Spending time with pets helps to make us happy and de-stress our mood. Interacting with pets helps to release the oxytocin hormone which makes our mood happy and positive. Playing with Pet you can relax and also reduce stress.


Stress Relieving Exercise

Apart from the above method, there are some stress-relieving exercises. These exercises you can do in your day to day time or you can also do it at your workplace.

  • Yoga- Yoga is very effective when it comes to inner strength and stress buster. It helps to make you more resilient and flexible, which releases the tension and makes you stress-free. Yoga also helps to lower the blood pressure and increases our concentration.


  • Pilates- Pilates is a series of exercise which strengthens your body and also keep it aware. With a combination of strengthening and lengthening of muscles, Pilates helps to lower the stress level and keep you energetic. It also reduces neck pain and back pain.


  • Tai Chi- Derived from ancient Chinese culture, Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art related to breathing. Also called “meditation in motion”, Tai chi promotes mental health every day. It helps to increase your body flexibility and also boosts energy.

Tai Chi is a little difficult as it comprises 100 gentle fluid movements without any stop in between like Yoga.


  • Walking- Walking is the simplest exercise, which helps to reduce stress. Walking for 30 minutes daily helps to keep you healthy, and also control blood pressure. It helps to increase your self-confidence and also boosts mood. For the starter, you can start with walking for 10 minutes, which you can increase slowly to 30 minutes.


  • Dancing- Who doesn’t like to dance? Well, I think everyone who dances will agree with me on this point that dancing makes you happy and keep stress away from you. Dancing has physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Learning new steps, keeping up with the song energy all these things challenges the brain, and helps to keep it occupied.


  • Gardening- Yes gardening is one of the low-impact exercises, which helps to keep your stress level down. Weeding can burn around 200 calories an hour. Gardening helps to refreshes your mood and is a great stress buster.


  • Tennis- Thinking I wrote it wrong, No, Tennis is a great cardio workout. It helps to prevent many stress-related diseases like blood pressure and heart disease. Tennis is not just about playing, it also connects you with others and makes you social. When you work in a tennis court, your brain releases a hormone called endorphins which gives you the feeling of peace and satisfaction.

So, these are some of the best ways how to reduce stress at work. Stress is very common these days, but try not to make it powerful by thinking about it. Too much stress can cause some serious physical and mental health problems. So, always talk about it and lead a healthy life.

How do you tackle your stress?


1. What to do when Stressed?

Whenever you feel you are being stressed. Just shut down the outside world for 5-10 minutes. In this 5-10 minutes, you can talk to your friends or relatives, watch a comedy video, or can listen to any soothing music. These are some activities that relieve stress.

2. How to manage Stress?

Managing stress is a very tricky task. Some of the stress relief techniques are- to do yoga, maintain a dairy, laugh as much as you can, and never procrastinate your work.


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