10 Things That Can Make Your Outfit Look Trendy

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In the world of fashion, trends keep changing and evolving. While everyone might want to dress fashionably, not everyone might have the necessary means to do so. Every year we see new trends introduced, and sometimes old ones make a comeback; however, keeping up with these trends is not that easy.

If you know you look good, then you feel good as well. Everyone wants their outfit to be trendy and unique; therefore, in today’s post, we are going to tell you about ten things that you can add to your outfit to make them trendier and classier instantly. Keep reading to learn more.

Fashion Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2020


Contemporary prints:

Floral prints have dominated both the summer and spring trends for a long time; however, in 2020, we see some new photographs become trendy. For one, tropical prints are trendy in dresses, custom women’s sweatshirts, and blouses, and if you want to look stylish, you need to add them to your wardrobe. However, there are no rules to this. Even mixing up prints can create some of the most iconic and attractive outfits.

Adding Fringes

One popular 80’s s trend that is making a comeback in 2020 is fringed. Fringe jackets and outfits are very trendy in women’s fashion, and numerous models have shown them off on the runway.

If you want to look trendy and chic, you should throw on a cool brown leather jacket with fringes over your outfit. Not even this, but you could also style your summer outfits using edges on the end of your sleeves or anywhere you prefer, this would not only make you feel super trendy but will add to your confidence as well.

Huge Handbags

When it comes to fashion accessories, nothing is more impactful on a woman’s style than her handbag. If you want to make your outfit trendy, you should go for larger bags, which are more functional and very stylish.

Try to incorporate other popular trends like crochet and fringes into your handbags as well. There’s no limit to purchasing bags, but make sure that the ones you chose to carry complement your outfit in one way or another.

Popular colors

Colors are always trendy, and without them, life is incomplete.  However, this year, bright neon’s and neutral pastels are stealing the show. These colors can be incorporated into any part of your outfit. They look lovely in both the summers and winters.

Neon colors give you a unique and lively look, whereas pastels are magnificent if you want to have an outfit that is less “in your face” if you know what I mean.

Bulky or Oversized tops

Oversized tops have been trendy for the last couple of years, and this style is going to continue this year as well. From oversized sweaters to large coats with padded shoulders, this trend is here to stay.

However, it would help if you always paired your oversized tops with form-fitting bottoms; otherwise, your entire outfit starts to look out of proportion. Even though oversized tops increase comfort but adding block heels to it adds to your style!

White shoes

An individual can never have enough pairs of shoes. Everyone knows that. But if you want a shoe that goes with almost any outfit, you should invest in a couple of white sneakers. Whether you are wearing a dress, a skirt, or pants, these versatile shoes will go with anything, and they will make your outfit super trendy.

Not only this, but you will be super comfortable throughout, more so if you’re wearing insoles designed for support and comfort. Best of all you’ll look trendy while going on about your day!

The Perfect Shades

Glasses are an accessory that anyone can incorporate into their outfit. When I’m talking about shades, I don’t only mean sunglasses. Even if you have perfect vision, adding some spectacle frames to your wardrobe can allow you to try on several trendy looks.

Wearing glasses can allow you to look sharp, smart, and mysterious. Your glasses should complement your outfit and accessories. Find the perfect pair of shades that fit your face shape. Even more, look for the shades that complement most of your outfits.

Rock it with Scarves

Rock it with Scarves summer

Scarves are an excellent fashion accessory that can instantly make any outfit appear trendier and more stylish. In 2020, we see a significant rise in the popularity of crochet, so add a cute crochet scarf to your outfit to make it super trendy. If you still feel like your outfit is a little annoying, then try knotting the scarf in different ways!

Moreover, scarves aren’t only for fall and winter; you can also wear some light silk scarves in warmer weather for a chic and elegant look.

Heavyset boots

Women love shoes! One of the most challenging elements to choose in an outfit is the shoes. This year we are seeing a trend of heavy and blocky boots for women. These boots are quite reminiscent of the ones that old punk bands wore, or you can even say that they are somewhat similar to combat boots.

Though wearing such boots with dresses may seem weird, but the designers participating in Paris Fashion Week might undoubtedly disagree. It’s the new trend, and we know it!

Vibrant leather

Leather is a timeless material that will hardly ever go out of style; however, these days, we see more colorful finishes on leather rather than the classic black and brown. Bright leather jackets, coats, and dresses have been very prominent on the fashion runways this year.

If you want your outfit to look trendy, consider adding some colorful leather elements. You can wear a custom t-shirt printed with a DTF printing station with a bright leather jacket to create a striking ensemble. You can print t-shirts online at many online stores, so check them out.

To sum it all up, fashion keeps changing every year, and each year we are introduced to new elements that can make our outfits trendy and stylish. In today’s post, we have mentioned ten clothing elements that you can incorporate into your daily outfits to make them super trendy and voguish. We hope that you will follow these simple tips to add more style to your everyday outfit and rock that look you have always wanted!

Author’s bio:

Liam Bold is a fashion student based in France. He spends a significant amount of time working for trends on the internet and loves all the high street brands. He regularly shares his ideas about how to get better in style and to put together outfits. You can check out his plans at https://www.getbold.com/.

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