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How To Get Rid Of Stomach Overhang

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Summer is the season where we often like to show off our body, and that we are more conscious also during this time. Ever heard about Stomach Overhang? Yes, there are many names for Stomach overhang-belly fat, saggy belly and apron belly. But the main question arises, how to get rid of stomach overhang? These days’ stomach overhang or belly fat is very common, also, it is a shame for many people too. As the excess fat around the abdominal area looks very ugly.

If you are thinking, what exactly is stomach overhang? Well, stomach overhang is nothing but the excess fat that gets deposited around the belly and the worst part is getting rid of that belly fat is difficult, as you cannot tell your body which part to lose the fat. Apart from looking ugly, this fatty tissue is known as stomach overhang also poses a health risk. It slowly reaches the knees and makes it weak.

So, let’s check out some ways how to get rid of stomach overhang-        

What causes Stomach Overhang?

  • Poor Diet-

If you do not have a proper lifestyle, then this will surely affect your health and can result in excessive fat storage. A poor diet or poor lifestyle means eating a lot of junk food, fast food and highly processed food. Unhealthy foods like pizza, french fries, hamburgers, and potato chips contribute a lot in the stomach overhang.

All the above foods are high in calories and low in nutrition, they slow down the metabolism and inflammation in the body.

  • Too much Alcohol-

Drinking too much alcohol means your body getting dehydrated. If you are a daily drinker and consume more than 60ml of alcohol every day it makes your body dehydrated. Dehydration causes inflammation and increases body weight. It makes the fat accumulation in the body which becomes stomach overhang.

  • No Exercise-

Working out helps to burn fat. Daily exercising is the best way to shed some unwanted fat deposited in the body. Working out also helps to put you in good mood and triggers feel-good hormones. Daily working out helps to improve blood circulation, digestion, sleep and also improve brain function.

  • Stress-

People are usually stressed out a lot. It could be stressed in personal life, work-life or school life. Stress increases the chances of accumulating fat in the lower area of the abdomen.

  • Pregnancy-

This is very obvious. During pregnancy, your weight increases and after delivery this weight gets accumulated in the abdomen region, giving you saggy stomach skin.

  • Genetics-

If you have a family history of being fat. Then, chances are your body will accumulate fat in the lower belly region. To avoid this fat accumulation, it is necessary for you to have a healthy diet and a proper workout.

How to get rid of Sagging Lower Belly?

  • Count your calories-

The best way to lose belly fat is to control the number of calories you consume. Eat fewer calories and try to burn them, this will help to reduce belly fat and will keep your weight maintained.

To reduce your calorie intake, make a list of items you eat and how many calories you consume. Also, try to avoid junk foods and oily foods.

  • Surgery-

The best way to reduce or get rid of stomach overhang is the surgical procedure known as abdominoplasty. This surgical procedure tightens the stomach muscles and gets rid of excess fat from the middle and lower abdomen region. But if you are too overweight, it won’t be possible to perform this surgery. Therefore, first, shed some pounds and then go for this surgery.

  • Weight training-

Without proper exercise, it gets difficult to remove your bulging out belly. Burning of fat is necessary to get in shape and remove stomach overhang. For this, the best way is weight training. Make sure your weight training exercise mainly focus on your abdominal area.

Some of the exercises which you can start are: –






The above HIIT workout is the fastest way to get rid of stomach fat.

  • Be happy-

Stress is the biggest enemy of the human body. When you are stressed, your body comes in “flight or fight” mode. Many people get the craving to eat a lot when they are stressed and especially sweets, chocolates, junk foods and highly processed food. This gives your body a lot of calorie deposits, especially in the stomach area.

Therefore, it is very necessary that you stay happy and keep stress away. Ways to deal with stress are: –


Proper sleep for 7–8 hours

Reading a book


Listening to music

Spending time with friends and relatives



  • Foods to avoid-

Cutting down on some foods will help to get rid of stomach overhang soon. It is necessary to start eating healthy and nutritious to lose belly fat.

Following are the foods which you should cut down: –

Soft drinks

Fried foods

Dairy products

Processed baked foods


White flour and Rice


So, above are some ways of what causes stomach overhang and how to get rid of those stubborn stomach overhangs. Everyone desires to have a flat tummy, but not everyone gets it. You need to work hard to achieve a flat tummy and keep your life rocking. As belly fat also poses health risks in the future. Try the above measure, to get rid of the belly fat.

How do you take care of your belly fat?


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