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Get Inspired: 11+ Gorgeous Wedding Blouse Designs for Brides

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Wedding season is here, and the first thing everyone notices is the bride’s attire. Though both the bride and groom are the center of attention, the effort the bride puts in getting ready is greater. Apart from the makeup, the other important thing which changes the bride look is the blouse design. Yes, blouse design for bride plays a very important role.

A saree look is incomplete without the blouse. And If you get the perfect fit of the blouse, then the saree look becomes enhanced. Similarly, the bridal outfit becomes more beautiful with the unique and amazing blouse designs.

Check out some of the best wedding blouse design for brides:

Stunning Wedding Blouse Design for Bride Front and back side

1. Full Zari Work Blouse Design

Bridal blouse design
Source: Pinterest

Zari work blouse design is inspired by the Mughals. It not only gives a royal feeling, but its beauty is unmatched. If you are looking for something personalized for your wedding, then go for the Zari work blouse design.

2. Heavy Work Flower Print Bridal Blouse Design

Heavy work bridal blouse design
Source: Pinterest

Flower and wedding go hand in hand. Similarly, flower design and bridal bouse can also be never set apart. Crafted with contrasting flower color, it not only looks great but also compliments the saree.

3. Short Sleeved Bridal Blouse

Unique Bridal Blouse Design
Source: Pinterest

Not many bridal blouse design comes with short sleeves. But if you look at the above pic, short sleeved blouse design is a great selection, as it offers a balance between modesty and style. Sleeves ending midway between shoulder and elbow, makes the hand movement comfortable and also give a touch of sophistication.

4. Deep Front Wedding Blouse

Heavy work bridal blouse design
Source: Pinterest

One of the best blouse design, I have seen for the bridal lehenga. The intricate work and the front neck design of the blouse catches the main attraction. Look at the different work on the chest, one of the best wedding blouse design for bride.

5. Mirror Work Wedding Blouse

Unique Bridal Blouse Design
Source: Pinterest

Mirror work blouse design is my personal favorite. As I have seen, mirror work never goes out of style. It is the epitome of modern elegance for bride. Apart from being beautiful, it catches a lot of attention of people and will bring you tonnes of compliments.

6. V-Neck Bridal Blouse Design

V- Neck Bridal blouse design
Source: Pinterest

No matter the attire, V-Neck blouse design always gives a bold and sexy look. This is for all those brides, who want to try something different. With the perfect blend of modern elegance and timeless grace, this bridal blouse design looks very elegant.

7. Puff-Sleeved Blouse Design

Royal Bridal Look design
Source: Pinterest

For all those brides, who want to go modern but also want to add a little touch of vintage, this puff sleeved blouse design is for you. The best thing about this latest bridal blouse design, is it goes with all types of body.

8. Transparent Puff Sleeved Blouse

Royal Bridal Look design
Source: Pinterest

How amazing is this blouse design with puffed sleeves and a transparent material. The work in the blouse adds more to its beautiful and sophisticated look. Also, if you see carefully, look at the front neck design, it is wide and looks good.

9. Backless Bridal Blouse Design

Backless blouse design for bride
Source: Pinterest

Backless blouse design has never gone off the chart. It gives both ravishing and sophisticated look. There are many designs which you can try for the back blouse design, but backless always wins the game. I really like the sleeves design and if you look closely the end of the sleeves is little open.

10. Off- Shoulder Blouse Design

Off shoulder Bridal blouse
Source: Pinterest

If you want to try something modern for your wedding, nothing better than going for an off-shoulder blouse design. This wedding blouse design goes with lehenga and saree both. Adorning it with a beautiful, delicate necklace helps to complete the look.

11. Velvet Boat Neck Blouse Design

Wedding blouse design
Source: Pinterest

Velvet has always been in style; it gives the best royal feeling. Be it the saree or blouse, velvet looks beautiful and gives a ravishing look to the personality. The beautiful thread work in the sleeves and in the front gives the bride a royal look.

12. Royal Looking Bridal Blouse

Blouse design for bride
Source: Pinterest

I really like the cut work of this blouse. It is totally filled with intricate, heavy work design and is a perfect fit for the bridal lehenga. The back of the blouse is covered, to showcase the full work, and the front has taken all the attention with its cut work.

So, above are some of the best wedding blouse design for bride. You can choose anyone you like, but just remember that the blouse fitting matters as much as the blouse design. Therefore, make sure to have your blouse stitched from a good tailor or designer.

Which Bridal Blouse design do you like the most?


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