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How to Choose the Right Luxury Train Tour?

luxury train tour


There are numerous luxury trains in the country like Palace on Wheels, Maharajas Express, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot and so on. Each traveler would recommend a specific train or an itinerary based on his/her experience. It is not possible to rate the trains or the itineraries.  

How do you choose the right luxury train tour? Are you planning a luxury train vacation for the very first time? You ought to go through this article before choosing an itinerary or a train.

Check out the itineraries

This is the ‘square one’ rule when it comes to choosing the right luxury train tour. Check the destinations covered in each itinerary and the activities that are included in the itineraries. You ought to choose the one that you think would suit every member of the family. All styles of vacations are not available with every luxury train. You ought to research and choose the best one.

1.Cost Of  Luxury Train Tour:

luxury train tour

Cost of any luxury train is comparatively higher. Even if two trains provide the same set of destinations for the same period of vacation, the cost of one train or itinerary can vary from another. There can be an ample amount of explanation to why one train charges higher than another train.

If you are planning to keep up to a budget, it is essential to filter based on the cost. If you are looking for quality experience, try not to keep this as a deciding factor.

In simple words, just because a train charges more than another luxury train, it does not mean that the expensive one is far more worthy than the other or, vice versa.

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2. Tour duration

Are you planning a weekend getaway? Are you looking for a weeklong travel? Not all luxury trains provide itineraries of varying time duration. You ought to choose the train that provides itineraries that suits you.

3. Dietary regulations

travel tour

This might not be a great problem for most of the tourists. For those who have special diet requirements, it is very essential to choose trains that are ready to provide such facilities.

For instance, are you a vegan? You need to choose a train that can support your choice of dishes throughout the trip. You can check with the executives of the luxury trains about the list of special menus that are available to them.

4. Special requirements

Not all luxury train provides the wheelchair, special attendees and so on. Learn about all the special features that are available with the train. Are you looking for a Mandarin guide? Ask upfront. You are allowed to ask hundreds of questions before you plan to choose a luxury train.

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5. Inclusion and exclusion

luxury train services

Some luxury trains do not charge you for any local alcoholic beverages that you consume. Some trains even charge for the soft drinks that you consume during the train travel.

Learn about the inclusions and exclusions of the tariff. Calculate whether you are ready to pay a hefty amount just because something you like is not included in the tariff. Choose the ones with less amount of exclusion. If you have any confusion about an expense, talk to the executive and clarify.

The same goes for optional tours too. Some train tours provide a few optional tours where tourists have to either pay to be on the optional tour or choose to stay back in a train or, spending time with shopping. If you are choosing itineraries with numerous optional tours, you would be spending most of the time doing pointless shopping or spending time staying back on the train where almost all entertainment facilities are charged.


Every single luxury train tour is unique. In any given luxury train such as Palace on Wheels and Maharajas Express, each itinerary is different. Even if the destinations covered are almost the same, the activities included will differ providing a distinct experience for you. If you are traveling for the very first time, choose the train that covers the destinations of your choice at the time of your travel.

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