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9 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Skin Tags

facts about skin tags

   Unbelievable Facts About Skin Tags

Dermal problems are becoming increasingly common owing to the fast-paced lifestyle in the modern world. Skin tags or acrochordons is one such skin problem that crops up mostly in people who have unhealthy lifestyles. This is why skin tags are found mostly in people who are obese, have problems with insulin levels or suffer from hormonal issues. Skin tags are non- cancerous, but their presence on any part of the body is a cause of great concern as these unpleasant skin growths are likely to get injured if they get caught up in clothes or suffer external trauma. For this reason, most people opt to get these ugly growths removed surgically, while some others resort to natural methods to get rid of skin tags. There are many myths associated with skin tags which leave a lot of people confused about this skin condition.

Here is a rundown of some important facts about skin tags and get rid of skin tags.

1. Skin tags have no muscle:

A skin tag is composed of skin tissue, fat cells, nerve cells, and ducts. These growths appear as outpouching on the surface of the skin. Skin tags are non-muscular growths with several folds of skin tissues inside them. These growths are harmless but having them in visible areas of the body has a negative effect on one’s body image.

 2. Skin Tags do not shrink on their own:

Skin tags are unwanted growths on the skin which can be of varying sizes. These growths do not shrink on their own and have to be removed surgically or by using natural methods. Some popular surgical methods used for skin tag removal are excision, ligation, freezing and laser therapy.

3. Skin tags can be frozen:

Freezing a skin tag seems to be the quickest non-surgical method for removing skin tags. In this method, a dermatologist applies liquid nitrogen on the surface of the tag to freeze it. The tag begins to shrink in size after freezing and falls off within a week. This method can be performed at home with at-home freezing kits available in the market.

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4. Skin tags are non-cancerous:

Whenever something outgrows from the skin, we usually have a panic attack. But not to worry if you are having a skin tag because these outgrowths are benign in nature. Hence, they do not pose a major medical risk and should be removed only for cosmetic reasons or if they are in a location that is visible or prone to injury. If a skin tag begins to bleed or gets traumatized, you should get it examined by a doctor.

5. Skin tags are painful if they get injured:

Skin tags are generally painless. However, if they are subjected to trauma or injury, they can be painful and bleed uncontrollably. One should avoid scratching the region where skin tags are present as it can injure them.

6. Skin tags strike in middle age:

Skin tags mostly appear in middle age. This is because of certain changes that take place in the body in middle age. Conditions like obesity, diabetes and hormonal imbalances that happen during middle age are the risk factors that lead to the development of skin tags in people.

7. Skin Tags appear in skin folds:

These unwanted growths crop up in regions where skin constantly rubs against skin such as near eyelids,  neck, armpits, under the breasts or in the groin. This shows that skin tags occur when skin is subjected to constant friction. To proven the tag from appearing in these places, proper hygiene should be maintained.

8. Skin tags should not be cut at home:

Cutting a skin tag seems to be the easiest way to get rid of it but one should refrain from cutting it at home as there is a risk of infection and bleeding which might take place after the tag is cut off.  If you want to get the tag removed right away, see a dermatologist who will anesthetize the tag and the surrounding skin before removing it with a scalpel. Antibiotics and pain relievers may be prescribed to get rid of the pain and infection after the tag is removed.

9. Skin tags can be removed at home:

If the idea of getting a skin tag frozen or cut off by a dermatologist scares you,  there are other non-invasive methods which you can safely use at home to remove the tags. Tagband is the best at-home skin tag removal method. It comes in a ready to use a kit with tools provided for safe removal of skin tags.  Some natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar, iodine, tea tree oil, garlic and oregano oil can also be employed for skin tag removal at home.

These methods hower, take longer than other skin tag removal methods to show results and need to be done daily to destroy the skin tissues inside the skin tag.

Hope this Facts About Skin Tags information helpful for you!

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