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How To Dress To Look Slim And Tall In Summer

look slim

Dresses that make you look thinner:

Who doesn’t want to look fit?

Sometimes it does not depend on your diet or lifestyle, all you did wrong is only your clothes, and accessories, shopping, and matching.

If you are sick of not looking as good you feel yourself, these look slim tips are definitely for you!

1. The Fabric is Your Everything!

Yes, we have all heard that “wearing black will make you look more fit.”


Many people know about the black dress slimming effect, but there are a lot of other options out there as well!

There is truth to the slimming qualities of the color black, but do you want to spend the rest of your life wearing just this one color?

This rule doesn’t even work in all ways, by the way!

Wear colors which suits your color type and mood, because happiness is the best “accessory!”

If you want, you can go to look deeper into fabric abilities as well!

Vertical stripes, clothes with dark sides and a lighter front, big prints, matte structure, and thicker materials, these are all your “friends” on this “battle” of looking better!

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2. Accessories for Every Life Event!

Accessories for slim look

Accessories can make you look slimmer, did you know that?

Slim waist belts, long and slim yearlings, slim chained single pendant necklaces, wide eyeglasses, a hat with wide sides, dark silk/satin/chiffon (etc.) gloves, long scarfs – it’s all for you!

Changing your accessories to give the impression you are thin is one of the easiest ways to look slimmer than you are!

3. Long Clothes and High Heels!

long dresses

Wear long dresses, skirts, and pants which will cover a few your heels, it will help you and your legs to look taller!

If you do this, you will naturally look slimmer!

I recommend preferring straight, long, high-waisted chiffon pincer pants, compared to jeans.

This is the simple trick which will make guys “turn their necks” when you are walking by!

Wear them with a little bit oversized chiffon blouse, and skin color thick-heeled shoes, a wide-sided hat, cat-eye glasses, and a small silk scarf on your neck.

If you do this…  I already fell in love with you!

4. All the World is Under Your Heel, Baby!

high heels

Wear shoes with middle or high thick heels, and never ever with short ones! (Better no heel at all than it!)

It is preferable for you to use a dark or skin color, as it will visually make your legs look slimmer and longer!

Slim-heeled shoes will make your legs look even bigger, compared to them.

It’s not a result which we need!

Don’t forget about black tights!

They will make a huge difference to your look.  Never underestimate the power of a pair of black tights!

5. ShapeWear – To Be, or Not to Be?

dress slimmer

Nowadays, we have a huge assortment of different shapewear products!

There is nothing to be afraid, or to feel the shame of!

I personally consider shapewear motivational.

I mean, you can clearly see how you can possibly look like, and now you have a goal.

Don’t be shy or nervous to wear a pair of high waisted “shaped” panties or a push-up bra!

You deserve to look one hundred percent flawless in your evening dress, and if shapewear helps you to feel more self-confident, why not?

Go, girl, you deserve to look great!

6. Haircuts and Hairstyles – are They Even Helpful?

Sure, they are!

What are we even talking about?

If you have a cheeky face – make yourself a haircut which will give you more volume to your hair!

It works just like magic but in a more scientific way.

The more volume your hair has, than slimmer your face looks compared to it!

I would also recommend giving some volume to your hair length, compared to your roots.

Along with this, comb the hair parting up!

A good example of it is the classic “pin-up” style!

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Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, it’s simple to look stylish and fit at the same time!

I hope you love my tips, and will never ever let those extra pounds make you wear only black and boring clothes!

Love yourself, and your body!

About the Author

Anna (Targoniy)Kemp is a professional model from Kazakhstan, with experience modeling in the United States, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and other countries are the world.

Currently, Anna is living in the United States with her husband.

Anna is a proponent of living a natural and healthy life both physically, and mentally as well!


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