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Ultimate Guidelines About Breast Cancer With Picture[Type, Causes,Treatment]

Breast Cancer Guideline

Breast Cancer Guidelines:

We all have heard about cancer. Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the World. It is mainly the uncontrolled growth of cells in our body. These abnormal cells can be grown anywhere in the body. There are many forms of cancer: Brain cancer, Breast cancer, Uterus cancer etc. Breast cancer is the second most common disease found in Women’s after Skin cancer. It is very common in American Women’s. One in every eight women in States develops this Cancer.



So, let us understand a little more about this Breast cancer, so, that we can be aware of it: –

1. What are the signs and Symptoms of breast cancer?

7 Early breast cancer signs and symptoms:

 It has the following stages early, curable breast cancer to metastatic breast cancer. Following are the signs, which can let us know about this breast cancer guidelines: –

  • Inverted Nipple

  • Breast Pain

  • Change in the size or shape of the breast

  • Swelling in all or part of your breast

  • Bloody discharge from your nipple

  • A lump or swelling under your arm

  • Redness or unusual warmth. This can be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer.


Though if you feel these signs in you. It is recommended to check with a specialized doctor, before coming to any conclusion. Doctors will do some test, which may include

  1. Mammogram: It involves an Imaging test, which helps to see below the surface of your Breast. It is a type of Breast X-Ray; many women’s have an annual checkup of Mammogram just to catch the disease at an early stage.

    2. Ultrasound: This is to examine the tissues deeply. It helps to understand that lump found in your breast is a tumor or a benign cyst

     3. MRI or Breast Biopsy: This is the last and final test for doctors to be fully sure of the disease. If your doctor suspects something they can order you for both Mammogram and Ultrasound. And later to be sure, MRI or Breast Biopsy is done.

2. What are the causes of breast cancer?


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Breast cancer causes and prevention:

After understanding the symptoms of Breast Cancer, let us know its causes, so that, we can be aware of it. Though after extensive research, the main reason for Breast cancer is not known, some of the reasons are as follows: –

  • Women are not breastfeeding

  • Drinking too much of Alcohol

  • Being Overweight increases the risk of Cancer

  • Hormone intake for menopausal symptoms

  • A history of cancer in one breast increases the chance for another breast also

  • Women who never get pregnant

  • It is also heredity. If your mother or sister suffered from it, chances are high for your breast cancer.

  • Having period at a younger age and Menopause at the older age.


Once you are aware of the causes and symptoms of Breast cancer. Let’s know the process of its cure. Breast cancer cure depends upon the stage of a disease.

Stage 0 and 1 are highly treatable, the survival rate is close to 100%.  Stage 2 has a 93% survival rate while Stage 3 has 72%. Stage 4 also called Metastatic breast cancer is difficult to treat, with a survival rate of 22%.

3. What are the types of breast cancer surgery?

It’s time to say goodbye 🙂

breast cancer support

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Breast Cancer Treatment and Surgery:

There are several types of surgery which may be used for removal of Breast Cancer: –

  • Lumpectomy–  It is focused surgery, which treats only the cancerous spot leaving the whole body as it is.

  • Mastectomy This involves the removal of the whole breast.

  • Sentinel node biopsy– This involves the removal of some lymph nodes that receive drainage from the tumor. Those Lymph nodes are tested and then Doctors proceed accordingly.

  • Axillary Lymph node dissection If cancer is found in the above step (Sentinel node biopsy) doctors after discussing remove the additional lymph node in the armpit.

  • Radiation Therapy This involves killing cancerous cells via the high energy waves. It is recommended after the Mastectomy for large breast cancer. It can last from three days to six weeks, depending on the treatment. This therapy involves some side effects like Fatigue and red mark where the radiations are aimed.

  • ChemotherapyThis is used when your cancer is spreading fast. It involves uses of drugs to destroy the fast-growing cells. Since, this is a high- level therapy it involves a lot of side effects which include Hair loss, Nausea, Fatigue, Vomiting. It can also increase the chances of other infections like Kidney infection and damage to the heart.

  • Hormone Therapy It is also known as hormone-blocking therapy. It is used for those who are sensitive to Hormones. This type of cancer is called as estrogen receptor positive (ER positive) and progesterone receptor positive (PR positive) cancers. It includes Medications:

  • Those block hormones,

  • Stop hormone production in Ovaries,
  • Stop the body from making estrogen after menopause side effects include hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness.


  • Medications: There are certain medications that are designed to attack specific abnormalities or mutations within cancer cells. For example Herceptin, this medicine is designed to block the production of HER2 protein, which helps breast cancer cells to grow.


After knowing about this disease, let us take a pledge to improve our lifestyle, exercise daily and to reduce the intake of Alcohol. So that we can beat this Breast cancer and win in our life.

If Someone has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It might be your mum, your friend, your sister, your cousin, someone who lives a few doors down from you. Always support her and feel proud 🙂

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Hope you liked these breast cancer guidelines helpful for you.

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