11 Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin By Ramdev Baba

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These days many women and men are getting attracted to yoga. Ever wondered how the celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kapoor managed to get such good, glowing and healthy skin even after such a hectic schedule. Well, they all practice yoga. According to Shilpa Shetty yoga is,’ “It is a management system for life, and it is the most holistic approach to life that I have ever come across. It strengthens, tones, and cures. It works on the body, mind, and soul. Yoga has had a spectacular impact on my life.” There are many yoga asanas for glowing skin.

Yoga helps to improve the blood circulation and also strengthens the inner body. It improves our skin texture and helps to flush out the toxins from the body. Even Baba Ramdev, swears by the following Yoga Asanas they help to remove the skin dullness and give you a glowing skin.

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Yoga For Glowing Skin by Ramdev Baba

1. Sarvangasana-

Also known as shoulder stand, this is the most effective yoga asana for getting glowing and healthy skin. This pose helps to improve skin texture by promoting blood circulation.  Practicing this yoga to 3-5 times a day will help you get rid of pimples, dullness, wrinkles, and acne.

How to perform:

  • Lie properly on the yoga mat
  • Now, raise your legs up in the air
  • Support your back with your hands and also raise your abdomen
  • Just the neck part will be touching the ground
  • And the whole body is rested on your shoulder
  • Stay in the pose for few seconds
  • Slowly come back to the initial position.

2. Paschimottanasana-

This asana is a little difficult, it involves intense stretching. Also known as seated forward bend pose. This pose helps to purify the blood, improve skin complexion, improve your digestion, and also reduces the skin conditions like acne and pimple.

How to perform:

  • Sit down and stretch your legs in front
  • Place your palm on the mat
  • Inhale and bend forward
  • Bend such that your chest touches the knee and your hands touches the feet
  • Hold the position for a while
  • Exhale and stay in the pose
  • Come back to seating position.

3. Dhanurasana-

Known famously as Bow Pose. Dhanurasana helps to improve the body flexibility and is also a great fatigue buster. This upward wheel pose helps to detoxify your body by putting pressure on the abdomen. A perfect and a great asana for glowing skin.

How to perform:

  • Lie down on yoga mat with your face down
  • Bend your legs
  • Stretch your body and bring your hands back and touch your ankle
  • You should feel your body stretching
  • Stay in the position for few seconds
  • Repeat it for 2-3 times.

4. Matsyasana-

Matsyasana also famously known as fish poses. This is one of the best asanas for glowing skin. Matsyasana helps to open the chest and also improves blood circulation. This yoga pose helps to give you an instant glow, as it fights against bloating and indigestion.

How to perform:

  • Sit in the Padmasana position
  • Now bend backward, until your head touches the ground
  • Lift up your chest, the top of your head should touch the floor
  • Hold the position for a while.

5. Bhujangasana-

Also called as Cobra pose, this is a very effective yoga asana to make the skin glowing and also to strengthen spine and arms. It is also one of the surya namaskar series. Bhujangasana opens up your chest, which increases the oxygen intake. The increase in oxygen intake makes the skin glowing.

How to perform:

  • Lie down on the mat with your face facing downwards
  • Now exhale and lift you head and chest up by stretching your arms
  • Be in the position for 2-3 seconds
  • Inhale and return back to original position.

6. Uttanasana-

This asana is also called an Intense forward bending pose. It helps to improve the blood flow and makes your face glowing and your skin healthy. This pose also helps to enhance the complexion. Also called camel pose, it is great for strengthening abdominal muscles and for getting a flat belly.

How to perform:

  • Stand straight on the yoga mat
  • Bend forward to touch the floor
  • Make sure your back is straight and try to touch your head to the knee
  • Keep your legs straight as much as possible
  • Return back to original position.

7. Halasana-

My favorite and the best pose. If you are unable to sleep at night, this asana will help you as it increases blood circulation and also keeps the body calm and relaxed. A stress reliever yoga pose, which also gives you glowing and beautiful skin. Halasana asana works on your core muscle and makes your abdomen toned.

How to perform:

  • Lie down flat on the yoga mat
  • Your palm touching the ground
  • Inhale and lift your leg and take it above your head
  • Your leg should touch the floor
  • Stay in the position for few seconds
  • Return back to initial position.

Do not perform this pose if pregnant and also on the first two days of monthly cycle.

8. Ustrasana-

Also called as camel pose, this pose is very fruitful to improve blood flow and also to release toxins from the body. It helps to make the skin glow from within. Ustrasana also strengthens the abdominal muscles, gives you flat belly and relieve of any menstrual cramps.

How to perform:

  • Be in the kneeling position on the yoga mat
  • Now slowly bend backwards
  • Place for hands on the feet and your chest towards ceiling
  • Stay in the position for sometime

9. Trikonasana-

This asana is very effective to make your skin feel rejuvenated and relaxed. It helps to supply more oxygen to the body which helps to make the skin glow. Triangle pose or Trikonasana helps to open up the chest, lungs and heart and increases blood circulation.

How to perform:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Bend towards the right side, with your right hand touching the right feet
  • Your left arm will be stretched out in open
  • Your head looking towards the ceiling
  • Hold the position for few seconds, come back to initial position.

10. Tadasana-

A pose to get a radiant and beautiful skin. This asana helps to concentrate on your rhythmic and deep breathing. Getting more oxygen helps the body to work in a controlled way and also releases toxins from the body.

How to perform:

  • Stand straight with your legs few inches apart
  • Go up on your toes, and stretch your shoulder and chest
  • Be in the pose for 5-10 seconds
  • Repeat this asana 3-4 times.

11. Padmasana-

Also called the Lotus Pose. This Asana helps to relax your body and also prepares it for the next upcoming yoga poses. Padmasana means “Lotus Throne” it helps to calm the mind, relieves us of stress, and gives you healthy-looking glowing skin. This asana also helps to relieve menstrual pain. It’s the best yoga asanas for glowing skin.

How to perform:

  • Sit comfortably on the yoga mat with your legs forward
  • Now bring your right leg close and fold it so that the right feet touch the left thigh
  • And similarly with left leg, so that it touches right thigh
  • Sit in the position of dhyaan mudra
  • Your back should be straight
  • Now breathe in and breathe out.

How does Yoga help in Glowing skin

When you perform yoga, blood circulation increases. Increase in blood circulation means more oxygen and less free radical. This helps to impart fresh blood, which results in glowing cheeks. Yoga also helps to flush out the toxins from the body and keep the skin beautiful.

So, above are some of the yoga asanas for glowing skin and healthy skin by Ramdev Baba. Gone are the days when yoga was only for hippies. Performing yoga helps to keep you healthy and you also feel beautiful inside and outside.

Do you practice yoga?

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