How to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally in 7 days {Exercises+Food}

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No one likes Belly fat, and it makes us look ugly and also aged. Apart from this- belly fat, it is also not good for health. It can cause diseases like- strokes, cancer, heart disease, and even diabetes. But in today’s time, where people do not get time to eat properly and always rely on junk foods, how to reduce belly fat? Don’t worry; reducing belly fat does not mean you need to hit the gym.

You can also take care of the problem naturally at home. But reducing belly fat is not a quick fix; it requires little hard work, dedication, and also change in the lifestyle.

So, everyone, who is serious about that unwanted belly fat, holds on to your exercise shoes, and check out the ways you can reduce your waist size and look gorgeous-

Why Worry About Belly Fat?

People have suddenly become aware of belly fat. Why worry or think so much about that unwanted, stubborn, ugly-looking belly fat? Because belly fat poses a lot of health threats to the body. Belly fat is actually a layer of fat between the subcutaneous fat and the internal organs. It can lead to diseases like- Hypertension, Cancer, Breast cancer, Asthma, and Heart disease.

Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat


Exercise has proved itself very effective in curing many health diseases. Without exercise, it is next to impossible to lead a healthy life. So, even to reduce this stubborn belly fat, the upper body fat you need to exercise. So, check out some cool exercise, which helps you shrink your belly fat-

1. Crunches-

exercises to reduce belly fat

This is undoubtedly the best way to curb the extra fat from the belly area and reduce weight loss.

  • Lie down flat on the mat.
  • Bend your knees and make sure your legs are apart.
  • Keep your hands behind your head; do not interlock them.
  • Inhale deeply in this position, now move your upper body by exhaling
  • Maintain a distance between your chest and chin
  • By focusing on your belly, repeat the process.

2. Bicycle Exercise:


This surely reduces the waist size and is also the best exercise for belly fat reduction. You do not need to have a bicycle for this exercise.

  • Lie down on your back and keep your hands behind your head.
  • Bend the knee, bring your right knee close to the chest and keep your left leg out.
  • Then bring the left leg close to the chest, while right leg out.
  • Continue this exercise for 5 minutes.

3. Rolling Plank Exercise:


This might be a new exercise for many people. Rolling plank trains your body muscles around the hip, abdomen, and lowers back.

  • Lie down on the mat or floor
  • Support your body on the right elbow and right leg.
  • Elbow should be perpendicular to your shoulder
  • Keep your left leg on the right leg
  • Keep your neck straight and knees straight
  • Only your elbows will be touching the ground; Legs will be supported by the mat, which can be rolled.
  • Hold the position for about 30 seconds and then start moving to and fro.

4. Walking:


People often underestimate the benefits of walking. Walking is a type of cardio exercise, which is best for belly fat burning and burn calories. Walk briskly for about 30-45 minutes, five days a week, and you will notice a drastic change in your body.

Walking increases your heart rate and metabolism, is a perfect fat-burning exercise for beginners, and is the best pregnancy workout.

5. Running:


One of the very good exercises, to burn calories and reduce belly fat. While running, the whole body does the workout.

  • Start with simple jogging to warm up your body.
  • After a minute, run for 20 seconds.
  • Slow down, and start the jog again.
  • Repeat the process for at least 5 minutes.

6. Sit-ups:

We all have done this exercise as a punishment in our childhood days. But, now, it has been a little modified. Sit-ups for belly fat helps tone the lower and upper abs.

    • Lie on the mat, relax, and straight.
    • Flex your knees and place your heels on the mat.
    • Lift your head and shoulders off the floor and look at your knees. This is step no. 1
    • Now lift your body from the ground and come into a sitting position.
  • Again go back to step no. 1.

7. Flutter Kick:

Flutter Kick

This is the kicking movement, which is used in swimming. This helps in the workout of the Lower and upper abs, glutes, and quads.

  • Lie down on the mat relaxed, with your legs apart.
  • Place your hand under your hips, lift your feet, head, and shoulder off the ground.
  • Move your feet up and down alternately.

8. Plank:


This is basically to strengthen your shoulders, abs, biceps, and glutes. When your abdomen is strengthened, your excess belly fat gets reduced.

  • Kneel on your mat.
  • Place your elbow on the mat, with your hand resting on the mat.
  • Extend your right leg back and then your left leg.
  • Keep your neck, back, and hips in the same line, but up in the air.
  • Stay in that position for 20 seconds.

9. Russian Twist:

This is more of a balancing exercise. It works mainly in the belly area.

  • Sit on the mat, lift your legs from the mat, in a way that you are just sitting on the hips
  • Lean a little back and join your hand to balance your body.
  • Twist your upper body right and left.

10. Burpees:


  Burpees or Squat thrust, it is a full-body exercise and is very helpful in reducing the body fat. It is mainly used in strength training and also as an aerobic exercise. It is basically a four-step exercise.

  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder wide apart.
  • Then, bend your knees and place your hands on the floor, like a frog style.
  • Jump and push back both of your legs into the plank position.
  • Then again, come back to frog position
  • Now jump vertically, with your hands above your head
  • Repeat from the frog position again.

11. Crossbody Mountain Climbers:

This one is good for the lower abs, glutes, and quads. It is like trekking on the mountain.

  • Get into the plank position.
  • Make sure your elbows are straight and your head intact.
  • Now bend your knees and bring your right foot front
  • Now, bring the right foot at the starting position and bring your left foot front towards the chest.
  • Keep doing this and slowly increase your pace.

What foods help burn belly fat?

Apart from exercise, it is very important what we eat healthy food. Our eating habits build most of our health. So, to shrink the waist size, let us have a look at what we should eat and what to skip.

1. Avoid Sugar and Sweetened drinks-  

We all know that added sugar is not good for health. Excess of sugar often leads to the accumulation of fructose in the belly and liver. So, one should avoid added sugar products and also sweetened drinks like sugary sodas, packed fruit juices, soft drinks, etc.

2. Eat a more Protein-rich diet-

Protein is the best micronutrient when you are worried about losing weight. Have a more protein-enriched diet, and this will help you in losing weight and will also avoid re-gaining weight. It is being researched that people having a more protein-rich diet do not need to worry about weight gain.

You can also take some of the protein supplements like Whey Protein, to fulfill the protein requirement.

3. No Carbs-

The first thing to avoid, if you are serious about weight loss. Cutting down carbs from your diet gives you instant results. You can also switch to Keto Diet, whose main concern is to reduce weight.

When you start taking low-carb diets, it helps in the quick reduction of water weight, giving you instant results. Try avoiding foods like- Sugar, Candy, and White Bread.

4. Fiber-rich food-

This is very effective, eating fibrous food affects the waist size a lot. Mostly soluble and viscous fiber affects the fat. When we intake fibers, it binds with water and forms a gel-like consistency, this slows down our food movement, and give us the feeling of fullness. So, switch on to fiber vegetables and fruits like Legumes, whole oats.

5. Dandelion Tea-

Our body weight also depends on our water intake; the same belly fat is also the result of water intake. Dandelion tea helps remove the extra water from the body, especially from your belly.


  • In 1 cup of boiling water, add one teaspoon of dried dandelion leaves.
  • Let it simmer for a few minutes and then strain the liquid.
  • Add honey and lemon in it for the taste.

6. Cranberry Juice-

You might be thinking that above, we have written no fruit juices, and here it is the cranberry juice. Well, no fresh juice harms; it is the packaged juices that contain added sugar. Cranberry juice has a lot of health benefits-

It cures UTI, Kidney stones, Heart disease, and even cancer. Cranberry juice is rich in Organic acid and has a direct effect on body fat. 

Always dilute the juice before drinking it, as Cranberry juice is very strong. For better results, you can drink cranberry juice before meals.

7. Hot Peppers-

This is something different and strange, losing belly fat by eating spicy food. Yes, this is true. Spicy food containing hot peppers boosts your metabolism, which helps to burn fat. You can have hot peppers in any form- dried, cooked, or raw. Hot peppers contain capsaicin, which boosts heat production and burns calories.

8. Coconut oil-

Coconut oil has always proved its benefits differently. It is good for skin, hair, and also health. Coconut oil contains unique fatty acids, which helps in increasing the metabolism and hence reduces belly fat. It’s really helpful for hair growth. To consume coconut oil, you can start cooking the food in coconut oil.

9. Ginger Tea-

This is bliss for all tea lovers. Knowing that Ginger tea can help reduce belly fat is such a happy moment for tea lovers. Ginger has a natural property of digestive aid, and it helps cure the upset stomach. It is also thermogenic, which increases body temperature and hence reduces belly fat and gives glowing skin naturally.


  • Take one grated ginger,
  • 2 cups of water,
  • 1 tbsp of raw honey, and ½ lemon juice.
  • Boil the water in a saucepan,
  • Add ginger in it and turn off the stove.
  • Cover the saucepan for 10 minutes and later strain the water in a cup.
  • Add honey and lemon juice to it for taste.

Natural Bonus Tips To How to reduce belly fat

  1. Have a proper eight hours of sleep.
  2. Start drinking a good amount of water.
  3. Be happy, and stress is the main reason for many unwanted health effects.
  4. Try eating more of the raw food
  5. Try a cup of Green tea in the Morning.
  6. Always eat blood purify food for good health and skin


 I hope this article “how to reduce belly fat naturally” is helpful for you.

So, these are some of the ways you can try and say goodbye to your ugly, not benefitting belly fat. Before trying out any exercise or food meal, be sure you are and fit to do the exercise and not allergic to any food items.

So, when are you going to start with belly fat-reducing sessions?


=> Drink this each morning to flatten your belly


  1. Can just exercise help in reducing belly fat?

No, doing just the exercise and not controlling your food intake won’t give you satisfactory results. You need both exercise and food intake to help reduce the extra inches from the belly.

  1. Can swimming help in reducing fat?

Swimming is the best exercise, and one can do it at any time of the day. It makes your whole body active and also strengthens it.  It helps burn calories and lose weight.

  1. Which is the best exercise for belly fat?

The best exercise for belly fat is Cardio. You can choose any type of cardio exercise, like running, walking, and jogging. Doing them for 20-30 minutes will help you give the results effectively.

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