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Keeping Fit On Your Travels While Pregnant – 5 Tips



Pregnant and heading off on a holiday soon? If you’re a health-conscious mum-to-be who wants to keep herself as fit as possible, there are a series of steps you can take to ensure that happens. Today, let’s discuss five ways in which you can keep healthy while pregnant on holiday.

1. Yoga

yaga while pregent



Yoga is a particularly popular exercise for pregnant mums – and that makes a lot of sense. The basic movement helps to keep you fit, and ensures your body stays limber enough to easily support the weight of a child.


Holidaysafe cites this in their top exercises for pregnant mums on the go, and highlight the additional benefit of getting additional vitamin D by doing it in the sun. This is a nutrient which famously does wonders for your skin.

2. Walking


Lose weight by walking 30 minutes a day

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A leisurely, short, walk is great for a mum looking to keep fitness levels up. While hours’ worth of trekking could be detrimental to health, gentle strolls along a beach or in the country are a fantastic casual way of maintaining a basic level of exercise.


When it comes to the amount of time you should walk, Babycentre suggest limiting it to 30 minutes at a time at the most. It’s not a crime to go over this number, but try to be sensible. Your body will tell you when you’re struggling. Listen to it.

3. A Healthy Diet


High protein

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The key to fitness is a healthy diet. This is just as true for pregnant women as it is for anyone looking to stay in top shape. Neglecting a certain food group will result in you losing energy and missing key nutrients which are good for both you and your unborn child.


It’s not wrong to treat yourself to a modest snack every now and then, but you will need to stay as balanced as possible throughout the day to achieve a peak level of fitness. It’s true for professional athletes, and it’s true for you.

4. Swimming


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Swimming verges on strenuous activity, so this is perhaps better defined as “light movement through water”. Don’t thrash about as though you’re aiming for Olympic gold. Take it easy and glide through the water rather than forcing yourself through it.


Some of the most highly recommended strokes for women later on into their pregnancy include breaststroke and doggy paddle. Backstroke should be avoided, as it puts pressure on the blood vessels in the abdomen.

5. Resting


It’s important to find time to take a break from whatever it is you’re doing and just relax. Rest is key to letting the body recover, and as such is just as important for fitness levels as doing exercise or eating well. Find time throughout your day to stop what you’re doing and chill. You’ll feel better for it.

These handy tips will go a long way to ensuring pregnant mums maintain a core level of fitness on their next vacation. Make sure to keep them in mind when on your travels.


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