How To Get Healthy and Clear Skin with Detox Water

DIY Detox Drink For Weight Loss & Glowing Skin

Get Healthy and Clear Skin with Detox Water

Virtually everyone wants to have healthy and clear skin, and over time, water has been shown to help keep the body healthy and the skin, clear. Water keeps the body hydrated, flushes out toxins and makes you glow. Drinking adequate water can help prevent skin issues like pigmentation, rashes, acne, psoriasis, and many others.

However, staying hydrated seems to be a real chore for a lot of people, and no matter how much you talk about the benefits of drinking water, it still won’t come easy for most people. How then do they expect to have clear skin? The main reason why most people consider drinking water a tough chore is simply because it is bland and boring. Drinking water will be more interesting if it tastes better, right?

By infusing your water with fruits and natural herbs, it not only tastes better but also give your skin even more amazing benefits and keep you healthy. There are lots of commercial skin care products out there promising to keep your skin clean, but they often turn out to be too harsh for the skin, or might even yield adverse effects in the long run.

Below are a few examples of detox water that you should try out, to help keep you healthy and also help your skin glow:

1.Peppermint Grapefruit Detox Water

Peppermint and grapefruit have been individually shown to benefit the health in many ways. A combination of both in water will help to relieve bloating and also help in detoxification, leaving you with clearer skin. Peppermint has antimicrobial properties that protect your system from germs and certain skin conditions. It also helps to curb the appetite, thereby preventing you from taking in excess calories, to maintain an ideal weight. Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants, which will help keep the skin clear of impurities and detox the kidneys.

How to prepare: pour half a gallon of water into a container, then mix sliced grapefruit in it. Add a few peppermint leaves to it and refrigerate for about two hours before you drink.

2. Cucumber Lemon Mint

A mix of cucumber and lemon mint will give you great detox water. Cucumber is made up of mostly water, which helps to keep the skin hydrated. It also contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid, both of which works effectively to soothe skin irritations and also reduce swelling that may arise from water retention. While mint helps to boost the digestive system and keeps it cool, lemon provides the antioxidant vitamin C to keep the skin even-toned and also improve the immune system. Lemon also detoxifies by mobilizing bile from the liver to the small intestine and also shrinks the pores.

How to prepare: get a jar to put the lemon wedges and cucumber slices, and then add your mint leaves before pouring in water. Refrigerate and then drink.

3. Hydrating Watermelon Detox Water

Watermelon contains about 90% of water, which helps to hydrate the body. It also contains vitamin A, B6, and C and also packed with lycopene and amino acids, all of which helps to boost the immune system and keep the skin healthy.

How to prepare: add a few watermelon slices into a jar, and add water to it. You can include lemon slices, some mint and ginger slices to have an even better taste and more health benefits. Refrigerate for a few hours, and drink.

4. Orange and Blueberry Water

Oranges are known to be rich in citric acid, which helps to dry away acne. They are also rich in vitamin C, which helps to nourish the skin and eliminate toxins from the body. Blueberries, on the other hand, are rich in antioxidants that help to eliminate acne; they contain vitamin A, C, and E, all of which brightens up the skin.

How to prepare: pour water into a big jar, and then add your orange wedges and a few blueberries into it. Refrigerate for about 24 hours and then drink.

  1.  Apple and Cinnamon Water

Apples are great for the skin, as they contain vitamin C that helps to build collagen, and copper that stimulates the production of melanin. Cinnamon targets acne and pimples by drying the skin and help in effective blood and oxygen circulation to the skin surface. A mixture of both will help free your system from harmful chemicals in the blood and also boost the immune system, thereby keeping the skin smooth.

How to prepare: slice your apples into a gallon of boiled water and then add the cinnamon sticks. Allow it to simmer for 15 minutes, then strain it when it’s cool, before refrigerating. You can also choose not to use boiled water.

  1. Green tea and lemon water

Green tea is still the healthiest beverage on earth, with its rich antioxidants and nutrients that benefit the body. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, both of which helps to brighten the skin.

How to prepare: put a teabag of green tea in a boiled cup of water, and then add freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Activated Charcoal Balance Oily Skin

In addition to detox waters, you can also use the charcoal tablet to balance oily skin. The carbon in activated charcoal helps to soak up the sheen on the face and balance excess oils. This will help pull out toxins and keep your skin smooth.

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