How to Apply Eyeshadow Step By Step (Like A Pro)

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Your eyes speak more than your words. Eye makeup is the best makeup and it can change the whole look of our face. Eye makeup has the power to take your beauty to the next level. We all have seen girls applying the perfect eyeshadows and looking gorgeous. But how to apply eyeshadow is a big question and a pretty difficult task. If you do not do it right, you may end up looking at a disaster.

So, Trabeauli has brought you a perfect tutorial for how to apply eyeshadow. Check out the blog-

How to Apply Eyeshadow:



1. Apply Eyeshadow Primer:how to apply eyeshadow

Before applying eyeshadow, apply an eyeshadow primer, this will help in keeping your makeup fresh and intact for the whole day. If you do not have primer, you can even apply concealer and a translucent powder to make your own makeup primer.

2. Apply Nude Base:

You can choose any eyeshadow style you want, but it is good to apply a nude base before that. It helps to maximize the intensity and longevity of the colors of the eyeshadow.

3. Enhance the Crease:

The crease is a very important part of applying eyeshadow. It divides our upper and lower eye lines. Apply a medium-toned eyeshadow to the crease with a fluffy blending brush. You can also add some colors to the lower lash line.

4. Apply Some Color: how to apply eye shadow

Now, your eyes are ready for the actual colors. Before that, we have created a base and made sure that the eyeshadow colors stay fresh and for a long time.

Choose the best eyeshadow dark color, and apply it on the outer corners and the lower lash line.

Slowly apply the color past your crease to give it a smokey effect. Use a fluffy brush to smoke out the color and to make the eyeshadow look beautiful.

5. Create a Gradient:how to apply eyeshadow

Now, is the time to give your eyeshadow a finished look. Apply the nude eyeshadow which we used in the second step. You can also blend the nude eyeshadow with the dark color you chose to give a softer effect.

6. Enhance your lashline: how to apply eye shadow

Once you have applied the eyeshadow perfectly, it is necessary to enhance your lash line with the help of a pencil to give your eyes a proper look.

Eyeshadow Tips and Tricks

  1. It is best to apply the eyeshadow first before you start doing your actual makeup. Doing this will help you clean any kind of fallout of the eyeshadow color.
  2. There are many forms of eyeshadow available- cream, powder, and pressed forms. You can choose any of the form, which works best for you. If you wish to have powder eyeshadow, then you can choose cream eyeshadow to be the base.
  3. Many girls have trouble making the perfect V shape on the outer corner of the eyes. So you can draw a # and then immediately blend it, to avoid any dark edges.
  4. Define the crease area properly; you can use the pencil brush and can blend it with the fluffy brush.
  5. If your eyes are deep, you can always apply a little highlighter at the corner of the eyes. To Avoid the blackness.
  6. Always use a clean brush for blending.


Type of Brushes you need for Eye makeupBrush

  • Angled Eyebrow Brush- This is the flat angled brush, which helps to draw the strokes for a natural look. Its bristles are tightly packed, which makes sure an easy application of the product.
  • Stamp Brush This fluffy brush holds a lot of colors and makes the application easy. For any intense color look, this is the perfect brush.
  • Medium Eyeshadow BrushFor all the new beginners, this is the brush you start your practice with. It holds just the right amount of color.
  • Contour Brush  This is a very important brush to contour the edges of the eyes. It is angled, and its bristles are fanned, which makes it perfect for just one sweep across the eye.
  • Blender Brush Applying eyeshadow is not fine until we blend it properly. The long dome-shaped bristles help to diffuse the eyeshadow flawlessly.
  • Cut Crease Brush Forgetting the killer cut crease, you need to have a crease brush. It is the rounded flat brush, which is very precise in drawing out the shadow. You can even use it on the inner corners of the eyes.


Different Style to Apply Eyeshadow

how to Apply Eye shadow

1. Fanned Eyeshadow: 

  • Apply your lightest color also called a highlighter shade, which is mostly creamy nude eyeshadow. Use your flat brush to apply it on the inner corners of the eyes and just slightly on the upper and lower lashline. 
  • Now is the turn to apply the middle color, which is slightly darker than the highlighter shade. Cover your whole lid from lashline to your crease. Make sure it does not get out from the corner of your eyes.
  • Now is the time to contour the shade. Chose the darkest shade to contour your eyelid. Keep the eyeshadow darker when applying alongside the lash line and start fading it as you move up.
  • Clean and dry your brush, and then blend the eyeshadow. Use a soft, sweeping brush to blend the shadow.

2. Rounded Style Eyeshadow:

  • Use your stiff, flat brush to apply the middle color eyeshadow, try to focus on center more For this style, you just need your middle and dark eyeshadows.
  • Now It’s the time for dark eyeshadow. Use the dome brush to apply the dark eyeshadow on the inner and outer eyelids. So, it will look like a dark-middle-dark style overall.
  • Clean your dome brush properly and now blend the eyeshadow. Use a soft brush to create the look. Do not bring the darkest color too close to the center of your lid.

3. Banana Style: 


  • Cover your entire lid with the medium color. It will be your base color. You can also add a little tiny smudge of your highlighter shade to cover the corner of the eyes.
  • With the help of a pencil brush, apply the darkest color to darken your crease. Sweep the brush back and forth to darken the crease. You can create a banana style with shadow running down to meet your lash line.
  • Clean your pencil brush with soap and water. Now blend the shadow

4. Smoky Eyeshadow: 


  • Use your firm flat brush to apply the lightest color into the inside corner of the eyes.
  • Now, apply the middle color along the entire eyelid. Start from the base and take it above the crease.
  • Create the smokey effect by using your domed brush to apply the darkest color. Use your pencil to apply a more precise line of color.
  • Use the pencil brush to carry the color to your bottom lash line. Start from the outside corner and take it till the inside corner.
  • Time to blend the eyeshadow. Avoid contacting the dark shadow near your lash line.


So, these are the ways in which you can apply the perfect eyeshadow and get ready to rock the party.

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