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13+ Stylish Fancy New Blouse Design In 2022

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Every woman loves to wear a saree and a blouse is one important part of the saree. The latest fancy new blouse design is one of the most searched after we purchase a saree. And getting a perfect-fitting designer blouse is like a blessing. Be it the back neck design, front design or sleeves design, a trendy and stylish blouse helps to make your saree unique and beautiful. Just with the help of a stylish blouse, you can even turn your old saree into a new party wear attire.

Choosing a good trendy and stylish blouse design is one handwork, as we tend to get confused about which one to style. Therefore, we have brought to you, some of the fancy new blouse design which you can choose from.

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13 Fancy New Blouse Design

1. Cotton Saree Blouse Design-

Cotton Saree blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

Cotton sarees are the most type of sarees worn in our country. These saree are comfortable and also comes in a professional line. Though most cotton sarees are plain in design, you can always make their blouse heavy by giving them a unique design. The above triangle neck design with little long sleeves makes up the saree look heavy and beautiful.

2. Bridal Blouse Design-

Bridal blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

Everyone always eye on bridal blouse design. Be it the relatives, photographer or the bride herself, a perfect blouse design takes up the attire game high. Also, a bride spends half of her time thinking about the design of the blouse. The above deep V-neck blouse with a sheer net covering it is perfect for any function.

3. Loose Sleeve Blouse Design-

Simple Blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

When you have got a plain saree, style it up with a loose designer blouse. If you have not got one with your saree, you can always buy them separately and match it in the contrast. This loose sleeves blouse design pattern can be styled up with a plain saree. Also, it will be perfect for any brunch date.

4. Fancy Blouse Design-

Fancy Blouse Design
Image Credit: Pinterest

I really loved the pleated sleeves design. It looks both traditional and stylish. Styling it up with a silk saree will really look beautiful. You can try this type of blouse design for any function be it your wedding or someone else’s.

5. Puffed Sleeves Blouse Design-

Fancy Blouse Design
Image Credit: Pinterest

Puffed blouse sleeves is yet another fancy blouse design which is a trend in 2022. This type of sleeves goes with saree, lehenga and skirt also. You can try and style this blouse design with any type of saree, it looks classy and stylish.

6. Unique Blouse Design-

Modern Blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

Just as blouse neck design is important so is its sleeves. This amazing frilled sleeves looks good and comfortable both. You can coordinate it with any saree and it will surely give you a classy look.

7. Backless Blouse Design-

Backless blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

Not everyone can pull up the backless blouse design. They are revealing and look sexy. But if you wish to carry them around, they are perfect for saree and lehenga. Regarding sleeves, you can go for either full sleeves or no sleeves at all.

8. Boat Neck Blouse Design-

Boat neck blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

Boat neck blouse designs are always a royal choice. If you want to try something new with your blouse design, then a boat neck design is the answer to it. A boat neck blouse design makes you feel royal and it is one of the phenomenal choices. Also, boat necks blouse design is a trend of 2022 which makes you feel more confident.

9. V-Neck Blouse Design-

V-Neck blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

There’s no doubt that the V-neck blouse looks stylish and sexy. You can have the V-neck both at the back and in front too. A V-neck blouse is a perfect combination of glamour and fashion. One of the latest blouse designs which everyone should try once.

10. Off-Shoulder Blouse Design-

Sexy blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

If you have an off-shoulder top, then you probably know how amazingly beautiful they look. So, why not try Off-shoulder Blouse? Off-shoulder blouse will turn any saree into a masterpiece and you can also style it up with any lehenga.

11. Strip Blouse Design-

Strip blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

Go bold with this strip blouse design. When it comes to having a glamourous blouse design, what better than strip blouse design. They go up with both saree and lehenga and is a perfect attire for any party. While wearing this strappy blouse, try to tie up your hair so that the design is visible properly. One of the most modern blouse design for 2022.

12. Cutwork Blouse Design

Bridal blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

These days’ cutwork blouse design is in amazing trend. You can see this type of blouse design mostly in the bridal section. Brides these days go overboard with their blouse design. Just like the one above a whole vidaai ceremony is being designed at the back with small ghungroo to give it a traditional feel.

13. Back Bow Blouse Design

Bridal blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

Back bow blouse design is one of the most followed blouse trend in 2022. They are classy and gives a royal feeling. If you closely look the pearl design at the back looks very gorgeous. These types of blouse can be styled up with any plain saree and will be perfect for any occasion. Just make sure you get the Bow right.

14. Heavy Work Blouse Design

Unique Blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

If you are looking for something heavy in the blouse section then the above design is a perfect fit for you. Embroidered with pearls, it makes the blouse heavy and beautiful. To compliment it, go with simple sheer net sleeves. This type of blouse design can be styled up with both saree and lehenga. This type of blouse can also pass for Bridal blouse design.

15. Two Sleeves Blouse Design-

Unique Blouse design
Image Credit: Pinterest

This is something I saw for the first time, but look how beautiful it looks. A blouse adorned with two sleeves, one transparent so that the inner design of the sleeves is visible. The transparent sleeves goes in perfect match with the net saree. A perfect bridesmaid blouse design.

So, above are some of the best blouse designs for 2022 which will rock this year. Choosing from them will surely give you confidence and will make your attire amazingly beautiful.

Which blouse design you like the best?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to wear V-neck blouses?

Well, undoubtedly V-neck blouses are never out of fashion. Apart from wearing it on a saree, you can perfectly coordinate it with a lehenga and skirt.

2. What are some trending blouse designs in 2022?

Blouse designs which are trending in 2022 are V-neck, Backless, Back bow and High neck design.

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