Trend Alert: Unveiling 10 Beauty Must-Haves for 2024

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Well, it’s a new year and already one month has passed. All the trends have been decided for the whole year like- Colour of the year, hairstyle of the year and also the beauty trends to watch in 2024.

Yes, every year, trends are being decided by the experts for the common masses to follow. These trends help us to know what is going to be popular, and what things should be avoided by us.

While predicting beauty trends can be challenging, as they are influenced by a variety of factors including culture, fashion, and technological advancements, here are some potential beauty trends to watch for in 2024.

Trend Alert: Unveiling 10 Beauty Must-Haves for 2024

1. Glowing natural skin-

Yes, until last year, people used to have glowing skin with the help of makeup like “dewy dumpling” and “glazed donut.” Now, they are making a shift towards natural skin aesthetics. Naturally glowing skin is the choice for this year.
People want to embrace their natural skin; they do not want any heavy foundation to cover their skin’s natural color.

2. Sustainable beauty-

With an increasing focus on the environment, people have started making a shift towards sustainable beauty. You will see a rise in eco-friendly beauty products and packaging. Vegan products and shampoo bars are likely to make a trend in 2024, as they are cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable.

3. Wellness-driven beauty-

Well, beauty is not restricted at having a good skin and good hair. Beauty has extended its area to mental and stress-free. Apart from external beauty, this year people will be focused on internal beauty as well and this involves being stress free, and relaxing.

4. Something Blue

Blue is the color of the year 2024. It not only helps to give a positive vibe but also look calm and beautiful. The color blue comes from the ocean. Oceans are a resource to protect, and it is also a source of ingredients. The micro-ingredients which ocean gives us are very valuable and full of nutrients.

Something blue means you should have something blue in your whole look, be it the makeup, eyeshadow, or dress. “Blue shadow aesthetic” saw a great increase in the trend.

5. Red Lips

Well, I don’t think red lips will ever go out of fashion. Red lips are like a savior in makeup. When you don’t get anything, go for the red lips and it will always rock.

Red lips give you a bold, classic and modern look. It works perfectly fine with minimalist makeup and also with bold makeup.

6. Chocolate milk nails-

I Tried Chocolate-Milk Nails: See Photos
Image Source: POPSUGAR Beauty

Beauty trend is not only about makeup and hair; it also involves nail color. The chocolate milk nail color is inspired by rich, warm tones of chocolate milk. There can be various shades of brown according to skin tone, such as light milk chocolate, deep cocoa and a creamy shade of milk.

Chocolate milk nail works on diverse skin tones.

7. Espresso make-up-

Having a natural, subtle makeup is a beauty trend of 2024, but sometimes you need to have a makeup, and this is when Espresso make up comes in picture. Just like natural makeup is a trend for summer, Espresso makeup is for winter.

This makeup involves coffee colored eye shadow, brown lipstick, dark eyeliner and contour to give your face a different look

8. Vanilla chai hair color-

Don’t think we are distracted and have suddenly started talking about the drinks. Vanilla chai is a type of hair colour which will be a huge boom in 2024. This hair color is ashy blonde hue blended with hints of brunette and dark roots.

The hair colour will look amazing on all types of skin colors. It is a blend of warm, creamy and spiced tone. A perfect beauty trend for 2024.

9. Personal Beauty-

People have become more conscious towards their skin and face now a day. They are more towards the beauty products personalized for them. Personalized beauty experiences like customized skincare routine, bespoke makeup shades will be the trend for this 2024.

People are shifting more towards “Made for Me” products, which is the ultra-personalization of products according to skin texture and requirement.

10. Peachy Blush

Powder Blush - 107 Soft Peach - Alix Avien Paris

Warm and peachy blush is going to be the best beauty trend in 2024. “Peachy blush” refers to the blush colors that matches the tones of peach. Peach is warm, slightly orange-toned and soft color when applied as a blush. This shade helps to complement a variety of skin tone and adds a youthful glow.

You can decide the application of blush, whether you want a soft, sheer application or an intense one. You can customize it according to your preferences.

So, above are the best beauty trends to watch out in 2024. It is important to understand the trend according to your region and your individual preference. Beauty experts decide on beauty trends, but beauty depends on many factors like skin texture, personal preference, shift in consumer behavior, etc.

The above trends are general; it is not necessary that you follow all, but with the above points, you have come to know what to expect in this 2024 year.

Which beauty trend 2024 you like the most?

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