Don’t Miss This Latest Nail Art Design For Upcoming Festival

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You are fully ready for this festive season. Your dress is checked, accessories checked, matching footwear checked. But aren’t you forgetting something? Nails. Don’t you think it will be an add on if you would have made your nails look beautiful? Just a simple nail polish is boring and very common.  Let’s do something creative and different this season. NAIL ART. Now, are you thinking that it will take time and you will have to learn it from somewhere? Don’t worry. Nail art is not that difficult how it looks. Just a little patience and creativity, and you are set.

13 DIY Simple Nail Art Design For Festival:

So, Trabeauli has brought you some really cool and quirky, simple nail art design for this festive season at home. Check it out:-

1. Flames Nail Art-

DIY Flames Nail Art Now, looking at this design, one feels energetic and refreshing. It has got a great color combination, and I loved the design. P.S. You can always change the color combination according to your liking.

DIY Flames Nail Art At Home:

  • You Need- A white, black, orange, and yellow nail polish and Nail Strips.
  • Apply two coats of white nail polish as a base coat.
  • Place two strips diagonally like V shape and apply yellow nail polish.
  • Now move one strip and stick in at half of the yellow nail polish, such that yellow nail polish is divided into half.
  • Apply orange nail polish on one half.
  • Now put the strips in cross sign and apply the black nail polish in the lower triangle.

2. Floral Nail Art-  

floral-nail-art Don’t these nail design just look pretty and makes us feel about the beauty of nature. This spring design is sure to catch everyone’s attention. It will brighten up anyone’s day. How to do it:
  • You Need- A white, pink, and purple nail polish and a nail art pen.
  • Apply the white nail polish as a base coat. 
  • Take a nail art pen or nail brush whichever is comfortable and draw some flowers with it.
  • Give a little touch up with the purple nail polish.
  • Give it a finish by applying a topcoat.
P.S. You can try and make any color flower you want.

3. Pink Purple Candy Nail Art-

Pink Purple Candy Nail Art This nail art is a treat for eyes. The vibrant colors of it make us feel young and energetic. How to do it:
  • You Need- A purple-pink nail polish, Yellow nail polish and Peach nail polish, Nail art strips, and Topcoat.
  • After you have applied the base coat, apply the yellow nail polish on it.
  • Stick a nail art on ¾ of the yellow part and apply the peach nail polish diagonally.
  • Now apply the purple-pink nail polish diagonally across the way.
  • Give it a finished look by applying a topcoat.

4. White Classic Nail Art-

simple elegant nail art designs This classy and stylish nail art design can never be out of fashion. White nail art goes with everything and takes beauty to another level. Its simple elegant nail art designs. How to do it:
  • You Need- A white nail polish, thin nail strips, and clear polish.
  • Apply the clear polish as a base coat and stick the strips in the mountain design.
  • Now apply the white nail polish carefully.
  • Peel off the strips, while the nail polish is still wet.
  • Finish it off with clear nail polish.

5. Chocolate Nail Art-

Chocolate Nail Art Oh! I just love this one. I am fond of the chocolate color. This brown combo looks heavenly beautiful.  How to do it: 
  • You Need- A chocolate brown nail polish, a gold nail polish, and tape.
  • Apply the clear base coat and then apply the chocolate brown nail polish.
  • Place the tape diagonally to form a triangle.
  • Apply the gold nail polish in that triangular area.
  • Give it a finishing touch by applying a clear coat of nail polish.

6. Christmas Eve Nail Art-

Christmas Eve Nail Art Yay! It’s Christmas, and so it is a necessity to make our nails look a little Christmasy. How to do it: 
  • You Need- Maroon and gold glitter nail polish, makeup sponge, white nail brush, and nail art brush.
  • Apply the maroon nail polish on all the fingers, except the ring finger. Apply golden glitter nail polish on that finger.
  • Apply the golden glitter nail polish on top of the middle finger and thumb, to give it an ombre effect. You can even use a sponge to apply the golden glitter nail polish.
  • For the index and little finger, take a thin nail striper and dip it in white color.
  • Draw two horizontal lines below the tip of your nails.
  • Give it a finished look by applying the clear top seal.

7. Santa on Nail Art-

Santa on Nail Art How cool it will look if we draw Santa on our nails? Right. How to do it:
  • You Need- A beige nail polish, Red, white, and black nail polish and medium-sized dotting tool.
    • Apply the clear base coat. And then apply Beige color nail polish.
    • Apply red color near the cuticles to make it look like Santa’s hat.
    • Now for Santa’s hair, take the dotting tool and dot the area where rad meets the beige color.
    • Apply the French Manicure (white nail polish) to the tips of the nails.
    • With the black nail polish, make Santa’s eyes and nose with pink color.
  • Give it a finishing touch with a clear base coat.

8. Black and Red Christmas Nail Art- 

Black and Red Christmas Nail Art How to do it:
    • Apply the clear base coat on all the fingers. Then apply red nail polish.
    • After it is dried, use the strips of tape. Place them vertically on the nail polish.
    • Apply the maroon nail polish on it.
    • Slowly remove them and now place them horizontally. Again paint maroon nail polish.
    • You will get a pattern that looks like plaid. Apply two gold stripes, one vertical and one horizontal.
    • Finish it off with topcoat.

9. Frosty Snowman Nail Art-

Ever thought of a snowman in the nails? Here we are, with this cute frosty looking snowman, it will give you full festive feeling. How to do it:
  • You Need- Black nail polish, White nail polish, Red, Orange, Light Blue with micro glitter nail polish, nail stripper, dotting tool.
  • Paint the fingernails with a base coat.
  • Then paint all the nails with light blue nail polish.
  • Now it is time to make the snowman.
  • Create a big circle near the tip of the nail and the smaller circle above it.
  • With nail stripper, make the button, scarf, eyes, hat, and nose.
  • Finish it off with a base coat.

10. Festive Sweater Nail Art-

Festive Sweater Nail Art This is something new and unique. Everyone will look at your nails twice, with this design. How to do it:
  • You Need- A brown, white, gold nail polish, dotting tool and nail stripper.
  • Paint the fingernails with a base coat.
  • Start off by applying your nail with brown color, except ring finger and thumb.
  • Apply gold nail polish on ring finger and thumb.
  • Use a dotting tool to make a sweater design. 
  • Create a criss-cross pattern for the middle finger. Create a vertical line alongside the pattern.
  • Seal it up with a base coat.

11. Pine Tree Nail Art-

Pine Tree Nail Art Christmas is incomplete without the pine tree. So, how about if we make the pine tree nail art. How to do it:
  • You Need-  Gray-White nail polish, Green and Green glitter nail polish, and tiny gold stars.
  • Paint your nail with a base coat.
  • Later, paint your nails with grey-white nail polish.
  • Use thin strips, and apply tape to make a tree.
  • Apply green nail polish and then green glitter nail polish.
  • Place the gold star at the top of the tree.
  • Cover it up with a base coat.

12. Indie Nails-

Image source: Pinterest Indie nails are an amazing way to decorate your nails with your own creativity. In this, you can draw flowers, flames, any statues on your nails with the help of the black nail art pen.

How to do-

  • Just colour your nails with any base colour.
  • Double coat the colour.
  • With the help of a black nail art pen, draw any design you like.
  • You can also mix and match many colours for the attractive base colour.

13. Smiley Face Nails-

Smiley has a great way of catching girls heart. We also use a smiley in our status and texts. So, why not try them on our nails. Yes, Smiley face nails are so much in trend these days, you can use different nails to tell about your mood with the help of smiley.

How to do:

  • Paint your nails with yellow colour
  • Double coat the paint.
  • With the help of black nail art pen, make eyes and a smiley face.
So, these are some of the amazingly cool and quirky, Simple Nail art design you can draw at home. Which one do you like best?

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