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How to Make Your Courtship Period Romantic and Memorable

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Courtship Period More Interesting:-

So, finally found your soulmate? Well, that’s awesome! I know you have found the guy/ girl of your dream and you are super excited about the new phase of life. Everyone prepares for the wedding day but what about the time before your marriage? Try to know each other very well with these tips. It doesn’t matter if your marriage is arranged! You can still make your courtship period beautiful, romantic and worth remembering your entire life by these tips…

1. Spend Time Together and Be Romantic –


It is always good to be romantic and little naughty .. after all, you are going to marry soon 😉 Spend time with each other. Go for a long walk by holding hands, long rides, nonstop laughings, long-lasting conversations to make your courtship period romantic and memorable.

2. Surprise Party Planning

surprice plan
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This is a great tip for the guys out there… Girls love surprises no matters small or big. Keep surprising your partner by a sudden visit, a gift, a bunch of roses, a movie plan, lunch or dinner. This will make your partner realize how much you adore him/her.

3. Don’t Be Shy


At this point, you should definitely stop being shy and silent. Be bold and outspoken, it is the best time to flirt a little, reveal your another side, have fun and share your thoughts. Remember you both are getting married soon, so be romantic and make your time memorable with endless talks 😉 😉

4. Drop Hints

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It’s the time when you both don’t know each other. This means that he really doesn’t know how to woo you, so drop hints about yourself, your dreams, your past, your likes, and dislikes. Keep initiating the talks to make your relationship healthy and strong.

5. Get to know about your in-laws and family –  

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Great sayings a marriage doesn’t take place between two people but between two families. Try to know each other’s families to make smooth equations and to avoid adjustments. Your eagerness to know more about partner’s family will create a sense of care and responsiveness in the eye of your partner.

6. Compliment Each Other – 

Complimenting your partner every day will take you close to him/her and will prepare you to accept each other’s flaws. This will turn your imperfect relationship to the perfect one.

7. Discuss Wedding

wedding plan

You need not discuss all those boring routine of yours again and again, rather discuss your big day. Your dresses, your dreams, your eagerness, excitement, surprises you are waiting for for.. and whatever comes to your mind for your special day.

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8. Make Future Plans –  

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Discuss your future plans with the one you are going to marry. If you both love to travel; make a list of your dream destinations, if you love cooking, discuss the food you are going to cook with your partner.

9. Introduce your Best Friend – 

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It is very important to introduce your best friend with your partner. This could certainly help you to understand your partner well and to hang out together. 

10. Make him/her a part of your group – 

plan your marry

It has been said that your friends are a reflection of your personality. It is a great way to know your partner and friends with a wonderful hangout. You can share and reveals the secrets and desires of your partner from your friends. This will make your relationship go stronger. 

11. Plan your Honeymoon

plan your honeymoon

This is going to be the most romantic trip of your life – you need to start discussing it already. Get to know each other’s idea of romance via the honeymoon planning. Does he like long walks on the beach? Or would he rather cuddle up with you?? I mean, who wouldn’t feel romantic thinking of these beautiful scenarios, right? Let this be your foolproof plan to really ignite the romance between you two. He doesn’t need to know it was our idea! 😉

Hope you liked and enjoyed reading the tips to make your courtship period romantic and memorable. Follow these relationship tips to give a spark to your relationships and make it strong, healthy and long-lasting. share, like and comment on your views and experiences. You can also check my other articles only on Trabeauli. Till then, bye! Catch you soon 🙂

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