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5 Tips to Stay Motivated to Continue Working Out

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You know that regular exercise is good for your health. It can increase your energy, help you sleep, and aid in weight loss, among other benefits. Unfortunately, getting started with a new workout regimen and sticking with it can be a challenge. Life gets busy. Perhaps your fitness routine gets stale or you simply don’t enjoy exercising. Whatever the reason, give these five tips to stay motivated to keep working out a try if you want to increase your chances of success.

1. Set Realistic Goals

If you haven’t worked out in a long while or maybe never, it’s okay to start slowly. Lasting change begins gradually. Start with realistic goals you’re likely to be able to reach. This will give you a taste of success and increase your confidence to keep going. If you get overly ambitious at the beginning, it can be easy to become discouraged when you find that the goals are too difficult. Avoid setting yourself up for failure right from the start. Instead, choose a short-term goal you’re likely to be able to complete.

For example, decide that you will go for a walk around your block every day after work. This is an achievable goal. Plus, it’s specific and measurable. You will be able to track your progress easily. Shoot for incrementally more difficult goals as you feel comfortable with your first attempt.

2. Do Something You Enjoy

If walking isn’t something you enjoy doing, you’ll most certainly want to choose a different exercise goal. Someone who gets bored walking won’t be likely to stick to taking even a short walk every day. Perhaps you enjoy dancing or aerobics. Those are great cardiovascular workouts. Start there. You should also decide whether you would prefer to work out with a video or online program at home or if a group class at the gym would be more motivating. Opt for the at-home routine if you are a solitary person who just wants to be alone and unwind after work.

In addition, consider whether driving to the gym would be a hassle that could make sticking with your goal difficult. Not only do you want to pick a type of exercise you like, but you’ll also want to be sure to make it as hassle-free as possible to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle.

3. Find an Accountability Partner

Another thing to consider is whether you’re someone who can effectively self-motivate. In other words, are you likely to be able to push yourself when the going gets tough, or do you need outside accountability? If you’re someone who does better having someone else to be accountable to, find yourself a partner. Maybe you’ll want someone to work out with. For extroverted types, this is ideal. It can be more fun for some to exercise with a buddy. If you’re not one of these collaborative types, that’s fine. Perhaps you might just want to ask a trusted friend to check on you once in a while. Another option may be to keep your social media contacts updated on your progress.

4. Give Yourself a Prize

Rewards can be a wonderful motivator, especially when you’re just starting. It can help to notice how good you feel after a workout, then remind yourself of that feeling when you’re feeling lazy. Oftentimes, though, external motivation is far more useful. Give yourself a prize for each milestone you hit. Try to ensure it’s not a reward that will sabotage your progress such as a giant ice cream sundae. Maybe buying some fun new workout gear or a new pair of sneakers could be a good reward. Your prize doesn’t have to be expensive. Find a website or shop with quality women’s clothes for under $10 and grab a couple of things.

5. Be Gentle With Yourself

Finally, go easy on yourself. Starting a new habit can be truly difficult. You won’t see results right away, and you may not even like working out at first. With time, your new workout routine will become a habit. It’s likely to even be something you look forward to.


These motivational tips should help you out as you begin your new exercise habit. Keep them in mind on days that seem challenging.


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