15+ Latest Karva Chauth Mehndi Design With Images 2021

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We ladies have a special feeling for Heena or Mehndi design in our hearts. No matter the festival, we always look for the best mehndi design to have it on our hands. Karwa Chauth is one such festival, where ladies and girls both are excited. Getting ready, keeping fast, seeing the moon all of these things are so romantic and loved by everyone. Karva Chauth Mehndi Design something which we start to google a long time ahead. No ladies want to compromise on anything when it comes to getting ready.

Today, we have shortlisted 15+ Latest Karva Chauth Mehndi Design, these designs are easy to make, look beautiful, and is perfect for the festival. Check out the blog for the Teej Mehndi Design-

15+ Mehndi Designs for Karva Chauth Ladies

1. Birds Mehndi Design-

karva chauth mehandi design 2021
Image Source: Pinterest

Many ladies like the design of birds and peacocks on their hands. This design does justice to both, your choice and to the festival. A simple yet beautiful mehndi design.

2. Intricate Karwa Chauth Mehndi Design

karva chauth mehandi design simple
Image Source: Pinterest

When you are a fan of mehndi and the festival, the intricate work of this mehndi design is just amazing. The backhand mehndi design with one center design looks beautiful and modern too.

3. Full Palm Mehndi Design-

mehndi designs for karva chauth for beginners
Image Source: Pinterest

Loved the way this mehndi is looking, covering the whole palm and giving a full festive feel. The mehndi is confided only on palms but you can see every design properly.

4. Karva Chauth Mendi Design Simple-

mehndi designs for karva chauth ladies
Image Source: Pinterest

I know this design doesn’t look that simple. But it looks so beautiful for the Karva Chauth occasion. Two main processes of the festival are drawn on your hand. If you wish to have this design, choose a great mehndi artist.

5. Karwa Chauth Simple Mehndi Design 2021-

latest mehndi designs for karva chauth
Image Source: Pinterest

We all ladies like to be the main centre of attraction in everything. This Mehndi design is for that only. The moon seeing process is perfectly captured in the mehndi design with the beautiful Karva on Top.

6. Moon Seeing Mehndi Design-

simple mehndi designs for karva chauth
Image Source: Pinterest

This is yet another moon seeing mehndi design. Both the designs are beautiful and perfect for the occasion. You can choose the one you liked the most.

7. Intricate Mehndi Design for Karva Chauth-

simple mehndi designs for karva chauth
Image Source: Pinterest

Look at how beautifully the artist has made this mehndi design. I really like the two cups made in the right image with a heart above and the cute lotus motifs on the left image also capture the eye.

8. Back Hand Mehndi Design for Karva Chauth-

back hand mehndi designs for karva chauth
Image Source: Pinterest

If you have ever noticed, the mehndi on the backhand side is more noticeable in pictures and while we perform the pooja too. So, it is necessary to have a beautiful design on your back too. This Arabic backhand design with dots looks so beautiful.

9. Checkered Design on one Side-

simple and easy mehndi designs for karva chauth
Image Source: Pinterest

You just can’t take your eyes off from this beautiful checkered mehndi design. I loved the way Jaali work is made on one side of the hand and the intricate design on the other side of the hand.

10. Peacock Mehndi Design-

new mehndi designs for karva chauth
Image Source: Pinterest

Just the two peacocks on both your hand help to increase the beauty of your mehndi design and looks beautiful. Look at the design of the two middle fingers, different and eye-catching from others.

11. Beautiful Mehndi Design for Karva Chauth-

Minimalist mehndi design for Karwachauth
Image Source: Pinterest

How pretty this jaali and lotus work on the palm is looking. The design is perfect for the occasion and for those who do not like traditional mehndi design.

12. Arabic Karva Chauth Design-

Back Hand Mehndi Design
Image Source: Pinterest

The way those thin lines are made so precisely looks beautiful and clean. For all those Minimalist design lovers, this is for you. The moti work has added to the charm of the design.

13. Latest Mehndi Design-

latest mehndi designs for karva chauth
Image Source: Pinterest

A simple arabic karva chauth mehndi design. The way the centre of the hand is left empty does not make mehndi look messy. For all the traditional yet modern lovers, this is the perfect design for you.

14. Karva Chauth Special Mehndi Design-

mehndi designs for karva chauth special
Image Source: Pinterest

The intricate mehndi design, with the Karva Chauth process and the kaleeres above, has just made the whole mehndi look so special. The two cute elephant design on the top adds to the beauty of mehndi.

15. Flower Work Mehndi Design-

Flower Karwachauth Design
Image Source: Pinterest

For all flower lovers, this cute and different mehndi style will surely catch your partner’s attention. It looks beautiful, gives festival vibes and is also Arabic.

16. Bracelet Mehndi Design-

Bracelet Mehndi Design
Image Source: Pinterest

I have always loved the bracelet mehndi design. They look amazing and gives a full feeling of the bracelet being worn. The above intricate design of the bracelet is just beautifully made.


So, above are thee 15+ Karva Chauth Mehndi Design which you can try for this festival. Karva Chauth is being celebrated both in India and outside India, having a beautiful mehndi design for Karva Chauth means a lot to all the ladies keeping fast. Therefore, we have brought to you some simple yet special mehndi designs to choose from.

Which Mehndi Design did you like the best?

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