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10 Celebrity Ethnic Style Trends Every Girl Should Try In 2017

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Latest Ethnic Fashion Trends 2017: Celebrities are always the trendsetter. Whatever they wear, it directly influences the commoners. Not only the girls but also the boys bend towards the latest fashion trends. No matter what the cloth or the style it has, we always love to follow the celebrities especially the girls. Our India is very well known for its diversities around the globe for its cultures, languages, festivals etc. Ethnic clothing is one of the things that distinguish one…

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Meet The Fashion Blogger Amaltas By Sneha

  In this 21st century, where everyone is bending towards Fashion, TraBeauLi thought to give it a try. We hereby, present you our Fashion blogger Ms. Sneha Soni, Who is a fashion diva by Heart. She is a Project Manager in TCS and has started recently her own brand “Amaltas“. So here is her journey:- How it all started? Ever since I grew up, I wanted to be a creator of things, of art that inspires one to love everything…

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