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10 Celebrity Natural Beauty Secrets Revealed In 2019

Celebrity Natural Beauty Secrets Revealed: Getting a supermodel like the skin is a dream comes true. Every girl wants to look like a supermodel once a while. Their clear and glowing skin makes us wonder what product they use, what routine they follow, what they eat, etc. Along with some go to best beauty product they also have some simple and Celebrity Natural Beauty Secrets that they use; with these simple home remedies and beauty tips from models, you can…

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6 Upcoming Beauty Trends According To Beauty Industry in 2019

beauty trends

Upcoming Beauty Trends in 2019! As the next year is inching closer, people have started looking for the new trends in beauty to be updated. And as usual, I am here for you, with the new and latest Beauty trends which will rule in 2019. So, ladies this 2019 will witness Natural Makeup, Pastel Nails and Glossy Nude. 1. Nude Makeup Become Trendy- The upcoming 2019 beauty trend will be the Nude Makeup. Nude will be the new chic. People…

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Woman Must Know About These Online Fashion Boutique

online fashion boutique

It becomes a timeworn trend that fashion only followed by women and they were popular for trend-setting in every season in addition always prominent for their best sense of wearing as well as trend following on the other hand now a days mans are in the race of following fashion inclinations as well and most of the time they are far faster than most of the women so it is necessary to maintain the image of women in fashion after…

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Know About Top Beauty Gurus On Instagram In 2018


Top Beauty Bloggers On Instagram: No matter, how much updated you are with all the Beauty Products and Style, we all a need a little help regarding the latest trends and how to apply it. We all have a best friend or a go-to beautician to solve all our beauty problems. But, what if they are busy and unable to help us at that moment. Don’t worry, the Worlds Best Beauty Bloggers are just a click away. They have amazingly…

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Top Rated Skin Care Products That Can Change Your Life [Under $30]

Most effective skin care products

Most Effective Skin Care Products In 2018 Every year the trend changes the color changes and the style changes. And we make ourselves according to the latest style. We chose the best hairstyle, dress and hair color. But what about our skin. We are very conscious about it and want it to be flawless and glowing always.   So, we at TraBeauLi has some most effective skin care products of this year reviews by dermatologists. They might be expensive but…

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How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair Without Shaving Or Waxing [Permanetly]

Best Facial Hair Removal Home Remedies and Methods: Most of the women can’t stand the thought of having visible facial hair. Though the texture and color of facial hair are fine and light respectively, women generally bleach their facial hair for a brighter look. The rate of facial hair growth is different for different women. Many of beauties have higher growth rate than other and then they need to opt other facial hair removal methods such as threading and waxing,…

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How To Dress To Look Slim And Tall In Summer

look slim

Dresses that make you look thinner: Who doesn’t want to look fit? Sometimes it does not depend on your diet or lifestyle, all you did wrong is only your clothes, and accessories, shopping, and matching. If you are sick of not looking as good you feel yourself, these look slim tips are definitely for you! 1. The Fabric is Your Everything! Yes, we have all heard that “wearing black will make you look more fit.” Blah-blah-blah. Many people know about…

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You Should Know Best Lipstick Brands Used By Celebrities In 2019 [Updated]

best lipstick brands

Best Lipstick Brands Used By Celebrities: We girls are very careful when it comes to skincare but looking beautiful, glamorous, sexy, bold while taking care of our skin is a tough task. We do almost everything to make our skin look young and beautiful. We all have a regular makeup routine that we follow an important ritual of our life but there is one go-to beauty product for any girl that instantly makes us ready to rock the world i.e.…

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Fashion Lifestyle

9 Valentines Day Outfit Ideas Secret You Should Know

valentines day outfit

Valentines Day Outfit Trends 2018: Valentine’s day around the corner and ladies are excited about the outfit for impress their loved ones. Are you thinking of buying a new hot dress for the upcoming occasion?  Give your wardrobe a twist by adding a new trendy outfit in the space. Here you get some tips for popular fashion trends in 2018.  Everyone has beautiful their own way but sometimes a simple trendy outfit adds a sparkle to your look. For choosing…

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10 Celebrity Ethnic Style Trends Every Girl Should Try In 2019

ethnic wear

Latest Ethnic Fashion Trends 2019: Celebrities are always the trendsetter. Whatever they wear, it directly influences the commoners. Not only the girls but also the boys bend towards the latest fashion trends. No matter what the cloth or the style it has, we always love to follow the celebrities especially the girls. Our India is very well known for its diversities around the globe for its cultures, languages, festivals etc. Ethnic clothing is one of the things that distinguish one…

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Meet The Fashion Blogger Amaltas By Sneha

  In this 21st century, where everyone is bending towards Fashion, TraBeauLi thought to give it a try. We hereby, present you our Fashion blogger Ms. Sneha Soni, Who is a fashion diva by Heart. She is a Project Manager in TCS and has started recently her own brand “Amaltas“. So here is her journey:- How it all started? Ever since I grew up, I wanted to be a creator of things, of art that inspires one to love everything…

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