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13+ Latest Blouse Designs For Back Side with Photos 2022

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Saree is one beautiful attire which every Indian woman love. But as important saree design is, it gets complimented by a perfect blouse design. Today, we have brought to you Latest Blouse Designs for Back side. We all love when we have the perfect attire, it boosts our confidence and also help us grab some beautiful compliments. Before, woman did not put much effort for the blouse style, but now-a-days they want a blouse with perfect fit and different front and back design.

We are here to help you with it. Check out the Latest Blouse designs for back side of 2022

1. The  Fancy back design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

This designer blouse is a hoot if you are considering for simple looking blouse back neck. The low back neck with no buttons, or frills or any other accessory add on. In love with the simplicity of the blouse.

2. Back Knot Design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you are not a fan of many tricky back design of blouse, but still want one amazing design to compliment your saree, then this is the design for you. Just a simple knot at the back has made the blouse extremely sexy.

3. The Triangle Shape Blouse Design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

This Triangle Blouse design can be fit with any of the cotton saree. In the neck there is a border and the triangle shape comes with lining design neither side.

4. The Sheer Back Blouse Design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you want to have a sexy back design, but cannot show-off much then this is the blouse design for you. In this the back is covered with the net, having design on it also. If you see, the patchwork is at the bottom and the buttons are beautiful.

5. Patchwork Blouse Design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

This 3D embroidery and patchwork blouse back design is just way too amazing to fall in love with. The patchwork has added to the charm of the blouse design and made it more refreshing. This blouse design is perfect for any wedding.

6. Back Button Blouse Design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

This is one simple yet attractive blouse design. The way the embroidery of the blouse compliments the dress is fascinating. The back button you can design any way you want.

7. Quadrilateral Back Design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

A simple quadrilateral design of the blouse has a long way to go. The design will immediately add glamour to your outfit. This is the design which is both sophisticated and straightforward. You can add your creativity in this back design by adding a tassel.

8. Mirror work back design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

Mirror work is never out of fashion. This simple blouse design with a circle design at the back makes up for the saree too. If you see the stylist has confided all the mirror work around the back blouse design and this just looks beautiful.

9. One shoulder back blouse design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you want to try something way different design for your blouse, then this is it. We have mostly heard about one shoulder or off-shoulder dress, but ever thought of one-shoulder blouse design. And the added charm is the pretty knot in the end which ties the blouse.

10. Bejewelled Back Blouse Design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

Nothing to say about this masterpiece bejewelled back work blouse design. The way all the jeweled lines are perfectly aligned in a semi circle has made the blouse one of a type.

11. Back Border Blouse Design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

The main attraction of this blouse design is the border work at the end. The delicacy of the blouse compliments with the saree. Just a border design attached with four strips.

12. Mirror work Backlesss Blouse-

Image Credit: Pinterest

TThis back design of blouse is charming in every way. The triangle design at the back has been beautifully captured and makes the attire more appealing and sexy.

13. Net V-Shape Blouse Back Design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

How beautifully this blouse has been made by putting the net design at back in V-shape. If you carefully notice, you can see the border at the end, which has made the blouse design more unique.

14. Back Thread Blouse Design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

Well, if you want the blouse design in the most unique and different traditional way than this is the design you can try. The tie-up design at the back will make sure that the blouse has been of full fitting. You can change the crisscross pattern according to your preference.

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15. Balloon Sleeves Square Back Design-

Image Credit: Pinterest

First of all things, I just loved the sleeves pattern. And the back design have been made beautiful with buttons and little craft design at the end. You can have the button of your own design if you want.

So, above are some of the latest blouse design for back which you can think of getting stitched. Blouse is one critical piece of saree group, it is very necessary that it is perfect and has some different back design. From the above design, you can chose the one which suits and fits you the best.

Also, before you choose any blouse design understand your body type and also the attire. Different types of back design suits your body type and accentuate the features like they make you look slim and tall. So, first priorities your outfit, and then choose the back blouse design. The main purpose of all the blouse design is to give a rich and classy look to the saree.

Which Back blouse design you like the best?

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