How to make your cologne last longer?


Many of us invest in expensive cologne and perfumes, but we always find harder to last longer that is why we sometimes blame the scent and sometimes the weather. But there are few natural ways which you can do to make your cologne last longer.
Some of the expensive colognes guarantee you that it will last longer than others; it is true also because the ration of perfume essences is present in a higher percentage of that perfume. That is why some aromas are costly than the other. But either you own or an expensive bottle of perfume or the cheaper one, you can make it last longer than it used to be with following few tips:
1. Apply cologne right after the shower:

The right and the best time to wear your cologne it right after the bath and the best one is when you bathe from hot water. The warm water opens your skin pores and when you apply the perfume on it, it will absorb more and less is wasted leaving you to smell high all day long.

2. Moisturize your skin:

A great tip to soak more cologne is applying lots of moisturizer on your surface before the application. Instead of dry skin, more healthy and plum skin will help you absorb more perfume so before using it make sure that your body is well moisturized and the spirit some cologne on it.

3. Don’t rub your scent:

Many of us have a habit of rubbing the cologne together as soon as we apply it especially the wrists. It is a big No since it breaks the bond of perfume and makes it weaker. That is why it doesn’t last long. In case you want to keep it all day avoid rubbing it on your body.

4. Choose strong base notes scents:

When selecting a good and lasting perfume, make sure you choose the right one and keep in mind to buy the strong base note perfumes. These are last longing as well as dramatic at the same time. These smells make you feel good all day long, and it includes some favorite scents of musk, vanilla, pine, patchouli, etc. so before buying the next scent select among these.

5. Store your perfume at the right place and temperature:

Your cologne bottle needs to be stored in the right environment as well as cold and dry place. That is why saving it in a bathroom is a bad idea; the heat of your shower and water splashes makes the bonds of your perfume weaker that is why when you apply it, it disappears quickly.
Your room or cupboard is much like a place to keep it also makes sure the palace is cool. Also, relocate your colognes at the back of table and dresser and avoid the corners which can quickly hit the bottle and it can break easily. That is why choose a safe and appropriate place to keep your cologne to make it last longer.

6. Apply your cologne on your body and before getting dressed:

You have to keep in mind that the perfumes are chemicals and when it contacts your body the chemical reaction makes it more efficient. That is why always apply to on your body rather than your clothes and also before getting dressed. It will help the product using on your skin rather than wasting it on the clothes.

7. Protect your bottle from the sun:

Sun damages the cologne more than anything else. That is why if you have any direct source of the sun in your room or dresser, try to keep away your bottle from that place and prevent it from any heat source and sunlight.

8. Apply the cologne to your pulse areas:

The heat areas or pulse points of your body which generates heat and has more sweat glands which produce sweat all day long. Applying the cologne at these places will help you save your product as well as make your smell enjoyable all day long. These areas are:
• Behind Ears
• Inside wrist
• Base of throat
• Inside elbows
• Behind knees
• Armpits
• Shoulders

9. Reapply it when needed:

To make your cologne last longer you have to reapply it when it is required, sometimes due to traffic, temperature, weather, crowd or stress you perfume can fade away quicker that is why you need to reapply it. The right time to reapply it is when you feel too much sweating and no fragrance of your cologne.

10. Don’t overdo it and walk right after application:

A common mistake which we do is we spray of perfume on our body which makes the scent disappear in the air that is why you waste a lot of product as well as very little is applied on the skin. Therefore understand that less is more, and you don’t need to walk in a cloud of fragrance.
Many people also have allergies to strong scents, and you might make others uncomfortable too. So make sure you apply less amount usually one spray at the time and increase the amount if required only.
Secondly, make sure to stand in the same place for few minutes’ right after the application which allows the cologne contact your body. Walking right after use will dilute the scent in the air, and you don’t have much on your skin.

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