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7 Skincare Facts & Fallacies You Should Know

skincare facts

From a tiddler to a missy, every girl has been given a consistent cautionary and much soap boxing to take care of their skin. Because we are in a world where we aren’t gonna hear folks saying ‘real skin have freckles and scars, real butt has stretch marks and it’s all beautiful’ or expect people to live up to the songs of India. Arie, we are asked to fake it all. So we hasten to the market to look for the best skincare products and why not? Who doesn’t like a pretty girl? But many of us are still are in ambiguity and fallacies, making us embrace these ideas and not catching our folly.
Let’s just be very lucid about one thing, that your skin problems do not include dusky complexion or scars or facial hair, rather be proud of your color and freckles because you did not create it but are endowed with it.

There are Skincare facts and myths we are entrapped in that every girl should know-

1. Bleach Makes Your Skin Fairer

Skincare Tips

Source- mascarilla-con-yogurt

Fact- Bleach cream lightens your facial hair. The bleach consists of hydrogen peroxide, powder activator containing ammonium bicarbonate, and post bleach pack containing some cucumber, rose petals extracts that further helps in restraining the glow of your skin after using bleach.
Bleach does not really whiten your skin, it whitens your facial hair, making your skin glow and get you flawless even tone. So we jump to the conclusion that bleach makes our skin fairer. If you think so, you can’t be more oblivious. You do need to know pros and cons before using bleach products. Bleach does get you even tone but can also cause you many dangerous side effects. Moreover, you need a patch test before you apply anything on your skin.

2. Sex and Acne Myths and Facts

Sex and Acne

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Fact- When we hit the age of adolescence, there are many hormonal changes taking place in our body including protraction in the development of sebum in your skin. When sebum is assorted with a certain bacteria, it brings off acne.
So now you can comprehend what the reason behind acne is, it’s because of the development of sexual hormones. Don’t blame facts of life for causing you effing acne!

3. Uprooting Hair From The Body Multiplies The Growth

Uprooting Hair From The Body

Image source- IPC

Fact- Follicle is the sac present underneath the tissues responsible for the production of another hair that succeeds the uprooted hair. The other hair rises from exactly the same place where the former hair was present.
Uprooting hair does not mushroom the growth of hair in your skin. Not at all! So if hairy skin ruffles you, remove your hair. But remember, you cannot permanently get rid of it!

4. Sweat Causes Pimples

pimple on face

Image source- glowpink

Fact- It’s not the sweat of your skin that causes you pimples, it’s your obstructed pores of the skin due to needless amount of oil (sebum) production and hence causing dirt to lodge on your face, further causing irritation and pimples.
Perspiration is very necessary to regulate our body temperature. We often wash our face thoroughly time after time to get rid of sweat. You need to know that perspiration and oil discharge are two different sorts and sweating isn’t really a cause of pimples.

5. Scrubbing Face Expels Acne

Scrubbing your face

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Fact- Our skin comes in contact of dirt and pollution, causing piling of dead tissues and blackheads on your skin and clogging your pores. You need to remove them from your skin now and again. You therefore need to scrub your skin. But if you have been thinking that scrubbing also makes you get rid of your pimples, you need to let off the hook.
Scrubbing your pimples does not remove them, it rather affects nearby tissues surrounding the pimple because when you scrub the pimple, some gook is released from your skin that is responsible for the booming of pimples. Don’t use scrub over that pimple, just don’t! Let it stay over or else, better use some home remedies or medication to clear it away.

6. Fairness Cream Whitens You

fairness cream

image source-BeautifulhameshaBlog

Fact-No! A BIG NO! Media has made fairness creams so legendary among the mass that their lookout for natural brown colour is changed. I firmly believe it pushes prejudice and discrimination in the extent of jobs and opportunities. While the fact is, there is a compound present in fairness creams called hydrocodone that is responsible for bleaching of the skin. Also, using such fairness creams might cause you detrimental effects.
Strange how people find it good to have a fair complexion! Why don’t you embrace your natural inherent beauty? We see the pulchritude shown in every advertisement of fairness creams that makes us believe we would get a skin tone like them. From brown to white! Rapid lightening of your skin tone, more confidence in you and more glory!
Don’t you find that brown complexion of you sexy? Just clear up your face and blow away with the real you!

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You remember ‘besan’ that grandma used to apply in childhood? Yes, the paste of gram flour with kitchen ingredients including turmeric, lemon, cream, sesame seeds and many more additional materials. Besan is still used as face pack to expel dirt, blackheads, facial hair, tan, oiliness, dead skin cells and attaining a clear and glowing skin. Besan barely marks any side-effect on your skin and it is a much healthier way of gaining soft and clear skin. It is a natural body scrub with copious benefits. So next time you visit your grandma, ask for this natural homemade scrub that will be a magic bullet to you!

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