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How to Cure Makeup Dependence

There are several benefits to wearing makeup. One is that it enhances your natural features as you face the day; another is that it can help minimize blemishes and that it is also considered an art form that can create stunning creations and special effects. Let’s face it; brands like IPKN make us believe in having perfect skin.

While these are all true, there are some consequences that come with depending on makeup too much. One is that excessive use of makeup can take a toll on our skin.

Another is that it can cost a fortune to maintain this habit since some products expire faster than others, and another is that it can prevent you from embracing your natural features which aren’t necessarily flaws.

If you are thinking of cutting back on using makeup products, here are a few suggestions that can help you wean off from them one day at a time:

1. Focus on your entire body

Generally speaking, most makeup products tend to focus on the face and not the body. While there are added in perks in wearing makeup, taking care of your body can also add a number of benefits like having a trim waist, stronger endurance, and improved flexibility. Instead of focusing on your face, try to focus on activities that make use of your entire body like finding a hobby or a sport you like. Once you have a healthier physique, you might notice that you don’t really need to rely on makeup that much.

2. Embrace your features

This will take some time getting used to but the payoff is worth it! Whether you have moles, scars, or freckles, there is no shame in embracing what you were born with or what you have gained over time. Acknowledging these features and seeing them as additions instead of flaws distinguish you from the rest. It also gives you a sense of peace knowing that millions of other people may also feel the same way so you are not alone.

3. Establish a skin care routine

Taking care of your skin instead of piling on layers of makeup to hide blemishes is a better investment. The reason for this is because establishing a skincare routine helps target pimples, fine lines, and wrinkles from the inside out while also helping your skin heal itself quicker. While there are some features that cannot be erased, establishing a skincare regimen allows you to remove deep-seated dirt, unclog your pores, find time to relax, and still take care of yourself without hiding anything.

4. Work on your inner beauty

This includes personality, your mindset, and your demeanor. Remember, no matter how beautiful a person looks on the outside, their inner beauty will always find a way to show itself to the world. Instead of worrying about your outer features, try to examine yourself on the inside. Focus on what kind of person you wish to become instead of defining your worth to just looks. Remember: You are worth so much more than the products you put on.

5. Take it slow

It’s not easy to just stop wearing makeup. After all, a lot of us may still need it especially when we have to make presentations or meet with a potential client. To begin weaning yourself off from total dependence, try to make steps in reducing your makeup use and the time you spent.

One example is to wear a dual compact powder, fix your brows, and put on your favorite shade of lipstick. The time difference you can save while still looking polished can do wonders.

6. Practice confidence

Confidence is more than just looks; it knows who you are from the inside out without being weighed down with these negative thoughts. Learning confidence is important because it teaches you the value of your own worth and attracts other positive people in your life. Once you embrace the idea that you are a person with flaws and features that are less than perfect, you are no longer dependent on what society thinks is beautiful.

When it comes to makeup dependence, many of us have our reasons for why we need them.

However, for some who are afraid to face the world without their handy concealer, it can lead to a warped sense of self. While there is nothing wrong with loving makeup and enjoying them, learning to love ourselves and having to define our own kind of beauty is worth much more than what we can buy in stores.

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