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How To Travel To Oman In 2019

How To Travel To Oman

Entry Requirements in Oman

Like every other country across the globe, in Oman, there are rules of entry and exit. You don’t get in and out as you please and you have to adhere to the country’s travel rules and regulations or risk getting deported by the relevant authorities.

Remember the entry requirements are set and enforced by the authorities in Oman. Therefore if you plan to pay a visit and are unclear about the conditions, be sure to consult with the Oman embassy in your country. Also, you can check with your transport provider to see if your documents meet the requirements. Some of the main ones include;

A visa

If you plan to enter Oman, you’ll need a visa to do so. Ensure you apply for an e-visa before starting your journey to avoid colliding with the authorities. It’s easy to acquire an e-visa, and all you need is to visit and follow the steps provided. However, if you plan to travel as a tourist, consider applying for an unsponsored visa.

The validity of your passport

One of the things travel authorities at Oman pay close attention to is the passport validity. Usually, it should have a minimum of six months from the date of entry. Anything less than that will give you a hard time trying to get an update, and that may mean traveling back to your native country. It adds more expenses than anticipated, so it’s in your best interest to keep your passport validity in check.

Parental responsibility documentary evidence for entries with children

Any entry with children to Oman requires single parents and other adults to provide documentary evidence of their parental responsibilities. The same applies when leaving the country. This is to avoid cases of kidnapping which are on the rise these days. You can check with any Oman embassy near you of the documents that you should provide if you need to tag any kid along.

Medical prescription if need be

Nowadays, different counties use various medications, and it’s no surprise to find that some prescribed medicines in your country are banned substances in Oman. To ensure you don’t get into trouble with the authorities carry a copy of the prescription or check with Oman’s ministry of health before your visit.

A residence visa

A residence visa is strictly available for people planning for temporary residence. Get in touch with the Oman embassy or consulate. For a renewal of the visa, visit the Royal Oman Police Website and follow their guidelines to the latter. It should be a quick process, and you are good to go. If you plan to obtain a residence visa for your children, you’ll need to provide the necessary documents to prove parental responsibility.

There are several requirements when traveling to Oman and it’s good to adhere to each one of them to avoid being prohibited from getting past the airport. It would be a waste of time and resources if you forgot a crucial document and have to go back and get it. If you lose your passport, then the process might be longer and cause you unexpected delays so keep your documents safe for your own good.

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