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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Honey

health benefits of honey

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is nature’s gift to mankind. It is one of the most easily available, accessible and affordable products in the market. It has the ability to provide numerous benefits to us which we are not aware of. Many people have it in their homes but rarely do they realize its importance. Moreover, it is sweet and tastes delicious.
Through this article, Trabeauli wants to throw some light at the health benefits of honey which most of the people just don’t know.

Here are some health benefits of honey:
1. Improves and Increases Athletic Performance

Many researchers have conducted researches over whether honey can act as a catalyst in improving athletic performance or not. The answer is yes! Actually, honey is rich in carbohydrates due to which it provides as much glucose or energy than any other energy drink. Due to this fact, it becomes one of the safest, natural and the healthiest way to improve and increase athletic performance.

 2. Provides Relief from Cough and Other Throat Irritations

Honey gives a soothing effect to throat irritations and cough. In taking warm honey during a cough provides immediate results and reduces soreness. Apart from it, mixing warm honey with minutely cut ginger and then eating it does the miracle on your itchy throat during coughs and makes you feel better.

3. Helps In Regulation of Blood Sugar

Diabetic people cannot really consume sugar as it interferes with their metabolism and makes them sick. However, it is not the case with honey. In terms of being sweet, honey is an improvement over sugar and is not harmful for people with diabetes. Many researchers have found that it is beneficial. It reduces blood sugar levels, and seems to be lowering cholesterol as well!

4. It Is Used For Treating Wounds

Until 20th century, when medicine was not advanced as much as it is today, honey was used for treating wounds. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidants properties which help in fighting the infection of the wound. Today, the use of honey for treatment of injuries is again getting popular due to increasing researches of its effectiveness. Also, it is used for treatment of burns.

5. Reduces Allergy Symptoms

Honey has been found, if not scientifically proven, to reduce seasonal allergies. A seasonal allergy can happen through intake of pollen and it can cause soreness in throat, running nose, headaches, etc. Therefore, honey can help reduce such allergy. It is important to take your medicine as well and use honey as a complementary intake. It surely helps you feel better.

6. Boosts your Energy Level

Honey cannot replace the importance of a balanced diet in our lives. But it sure can act as a means to provide you with instant energy. Honey when taken in can boost you with energy and not just momentarily, it does last for a longer time period. So next time before working out do not forget to intake it!

7. Helps In Reducing Weight

Honey helps in reducing weight. Adding 1 tsp of honey and a lemon to lukewarm water and drinking it either after waking up or before sleeping speeds up the metabolism. It ultimately results in burning of calories and therefore helping you to reduce weight. To see the best results make it a daily habit. It never disappoints.
Apart from providing us with such amazing health benefits of honey, honey has some other uses as well. It is used in cooking and gives excellent flavors to food. It is used in a large number of face packs as it gives a glowing look to the skin. Also, it is used in treating the itchy scalp as it removes all the dryness and moisturizes the scalp.
So, whether you were using honey or not but from today onward start eating honey. Daily intake 2 spoons of honey and make it a habit. Believe us, it is a habit you won’t regret and you would see the results yourself.

We hope that this article proves worthwhile and useful to you!

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    Honey isn’t just tasty, but it also has health benefits. I agree with all of your post. I learned a lot as well. Honey is good for people who wants to get healthy benefits from it. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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    Honey is best home remedy for throat problem

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