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How To Visit Ayers Rock (Uluru) in 4 Days?

Visit Ayers Rock

Visit Ayers Rock In 2019

If you plan to enjoy sunrise and sunset at Uluru, it shows how much passionate you are about The Rock Tour that provides unique opportunities of soaking in the natural beauty of the Ayers Rock.

The adventure seekers would definitely prefer to discover the fabric that defines Australia by camping at Uluru and spending a few days in the vast openness that refreshes the body and soul.  

Although you can begin the tour at Alice Springs, flying to Uluru directly will save some time and give you more time to enjoy the great view of the Rocks. For exploring the beauty of the place by understanding its culture and history choosing a 4-day tour package that begins and ends at Uluru is a great option. Slow travel helps to create closeness with a place that enhances enjoyment.

The road trip is appealing

Forgetting the most from an Australian outback experience, there is nothing like going on a road trip from Darwin to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory (NT).  The diverse experience that you gather as you drive along will keep you enchanted as you go through the fantastic National Parks and the spectacle of Uluru and thermal hot springs that are awesome. But you must be ready to drive for 25 hours, the time it takes to reach Uluru from Darwin along the Stuart Highway and the Lasseter Highway.

Package tours are more attractive

However, to travel hassle free and enjoy a comfortable trip, there is nothing better than choosing a tour package that takes you to Uluru from Alice Springs.  Indeed, you will miss a big part of the adventure of the road trip but then, what you get from the package tour should fulfill your expectations.

Fly down to Alice Springs or Uluru depending on whether you choose a 3 day or 4-day tour package and get ready for the journey ahead that takes you to the wonderful land of the Aborigines that never fails to win the hearts of people. However, if seeing the sunrise and sunset at Uluru is on your agenda, you must stay at Uluru for a day and make it the base camp for the tour.

3. Choose a four-day tour

Dedicate the first day of the tour for discovering the beauty of Uluru throughout the day and night. Have time to get a feel of the culture and history of the place by listening to the tales of Tjukurpa Dreamtime besides taking a guided walk around Uluru that will leave you spellbound as you spend time at the iconic Australian rock and watch the sunset at Uluru.

Witnessing the sunrise at Uluru the next morning is a memorable experience before you move out to the Kata Tjuta National Park where you spend the day and prepare to explore the Kings Canyon the next day.

Having enjoyed the slice of history at the Kings Canyon on the third day, you are ready to be back to your base at Alice Springs or Uluru as you have chosen.

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