How To Maintain a Healthy and Happy Relationship

Tips for Maintaining a Happy Relationship

Keeping a relationship healthy and running has often proved to be a tricky task.  Nonetheless, in as much as being committed to that one person may seem tricky, it is 100% possible. It takes sacrifice from both parties with a lot of desire to make it work. If you have been a victim of stumbling through relationships then here are some insightful tips on how you can prove commitment to your new catch.

1. Walk the Talk

Relationships are built on promises. However, what separates strong relationships from the rest is the commitment to follow through on your promises. Acting on your promises shows your partner that you love them, and you do value your relationship.

Also, it is a clear indicator that you are a person of your word and they can expect you to come through for them at all times.

2. Buildup on The Cheerful Experiences

Positive experiences build confidence and commitment within a relationship. Reminisce about those cheerful moments you have shared from the time you started seeing each other. On the other hand, learn from the negative experiences and turn them into funny and positive events.

Nowadays, thanks to online dating sites such as and a fair few other dating apps, single people have a host of avenues for finding their soulmate.

3. Put Yourself in Your Partner’s Shoes

This calls for sacrifice and being ready to tone down your ego for the sake of understanding your partner. People tend to rubbish other people’s views without having a second thought that this is a recipe for a mediocre relationship.

Always take a moment to digest your partner’s views or thoughts, putting yourself in his or her position. This is a show of commitment.

4. Get Rid of Any Distractions or Temptations

Well, according to relationship experts, deleting your profile from dating apps/sites is one step towards showing your commitment to your partner.  Besides that, it also indicates that you are serious in your current relationship.

Additionally, it also allays fears of insecurity from your better half that you are still searching for the one. In a nutshell, this step proves that you are ready to focus on each other.

5. Communication is Vital

One thing that has brought most relationships, even the long-term ones, to a screeching halt is lack of communication. Many people in relationships have been victims of going back and forth with arguments and finger pointing which has made problem-solving very difficult.

It is vital that you listen keenly to your partner, give them ample time to express their opinion without interrupting him/her. This goes a long way in showing your partner that you understand them.

6. Be Your Partner’s Cheering Squad

Low moments are part of life, and this is where your partner needs you the most. Showing love and support to your partner during his/her low moments is a clear indication that you will stick by his/her side during both the good and bad times.

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