What is Breast Cancer And How To Recognize It?

Delay in recognizing any type of Cancer can become life-threatening. As the more it gets delayed, the more the problem increases, and it becomes incurable. So, here we will share with you about the breast cancer and how to recognize it so that you can get it treated in early stage only. Generally, if people learn about breast cancer in an early stage, the treatment is possible. The breast cancer treatment cost in India is around 6 to 7 lakhs apart from the chemotherapy session. When the breast cells start growing abnormally and start forming a lump or a cancerous tumor in the breast, that is when the breast cancer starts. Breast cancers can also be of different types and the reasons behind them are also different. Because some of them are caused in the breast glands, some in the duct in the breasts and some in the other parts. Usually, the large number of breast cancer cases are of women only especially those above the age of 35 or 40. It’s not that the men cannot get the breast cancer, but the percentage is very low in men. If you ever feel changes in your breast like a kind of lump developing in your breast or kind of a pain in breasts, then definitely go for a check-up. It can be either in both breasts or either in one of them.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

If you want to recognize the breast cancer, you should be aware of its symptoms. As with the help of the symptoms of breast cancer, you will be able to know whether you are suffering from this chronic disease or not. But remember that sometimes, the symptoms may look like that of the breast cancer, but they are different. According to the visible symptoms, and the tests were done by the doctor, you will know whether it can be cured or not. The doctor may also ask you to go for chemotherapy, as it is very successful. The chemotherapy cost in India may vary from 20 lakhs to 25 lakhs.  Now, let’s check out all these symptoms related to breast cancer.

Change in the shape or size of breasts – You may start noticing the change in the size of your breasts. It may look either big in size or it may look either small in size. And it is not necessary that you see the change in both your breasts. Maybe the size of only one breast will change which is affected by breast cancer. Not just the size, but the change in shape of breasts can also be witnessed. It can be because of weight gain or weight loss also. But if you constantly see the size or shape changing and if you feel it is unusual, then go and see a doctor.

Change in the color of breasts – This can also be one of the symptoms of breast cancer. You may notice a slight or may be more change in color of your breasts every day. It may go from light red to dark red. So, do not ignore this symptom, as it may be because of the different reasons linked to breast cancer.

Rashes on Breast – Rashes can be because of different reasons, like allergy from cloth or itching or any other reason. But they can also be one of the symptoms of breast cancer. So, do not ignore these rashes if you see them on your breasts for a long time. Apart from rashes, if you also notice crusting around the nipple or on the nipple, this can also be a sign of breast cancer.

Swelling around breasts – You may notice swelling around your breast. Also, you may see swelling near around the collarbone and in the armpit as well. Generally, the swelling can be seen around breasts only, and if it continues, then without any delay, get the check-up done. Even if it is not breast cancer, at least you will know what problem it is. And you will be able to get the treatment done.

Pain around the breasts – Just like the swelling, you may also feel the pain around your breast, armpit or around the collarbone. There can be many reasons behind this pain, so we cannot surely say that it is breast cancer. But why to avoid even a slight of it. Usually, during the breast cancer, the pain can be felt almost every time around the breast.

Lump in the breast – This is one of the common symptoms of breast cancer. You may not see the lump from outside but when you will touch your breast, you will be able to feel the lump inside. Even if the lump is small, then also we suggest not to delay. Visit the doctor immediately and get it checked. It can be a tumor also inside your breast. The lump is generally formed in one or two area in the breast part and it will feel hard and thick. This can be treated if you will learn about it early. Nowadays, many cancers like breast cancer, stomach cancer, bone cancer, acute cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, and pancreatic cancer treatment in India is possible.

Change in Nipples – You may also see the change in your nipples. Your breast may look perfectly fine, but your nipples may look inverted or the shape or size of it might look different.

A release of Liquid from Nipples – Don’t take the discharge from nipple lightly. Be it a small amount of water or more. Because it is a sign of breast cancer. And this liquid will come out itself without squeezing it. Even if you are pregnant, and you see such things, you must check with the doctor to know the exact reason behind it.

With the help of the specialized doctors and hospitals, now you can get the treatment of Cancer done in India only. But you should be aware of the symptoms which are related to breast cancer or other types of cancer as well.

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