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Why is C Curl perm the trendy hairstyle in a hair salon?

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The hair salon is a shop that provides the services of haircut and hair treatment and these services give a particular style to your hair of your own choice for both men and women. Services of beauty treatments and dying your hair with different colours are also provided in a hair salon. Hair specialists or hairdressers are present at the hair salon, which cuts, colours, and gives a unique style to your hair.

Main Characteristics of Hair Salons

There is a lot of competition among hair salons and certain things are common in successful and popular salons which are given below:

  • Every client is treated as special

A famous and successful hair salon always provides special treatment to every client by giving special attention and good haircut services and keeping their client happy. As a result, the client feels special and ensures repeat visits to their salon.

  • Embrace Technology

Technology is important in every business and can take a salon to the next level. New techniques are used for the marketing of hair salons, like sending out automated emails and messages with specials, and scheduling appointments with the word of mouth praise.

  • Clean Environment

The spotless interior of the salon gives a professional look to the hair salon. Hair on the floor, dirty bathrooms and untidiness reflect that the salon is not as professional as it should be. The clean environment of a hair salon always attracts clients for regular visits.

  • Communication is Key

Interactions of the hairdresser with the smiling faces of their clients add value to the success of the hair salon. Good communication skills with praising and smiling faces play a vital role in the success of a hair salon. Good communication builds a good reputation with clients and the salon leads to success.

  • Keep an eye on Success Indicators

Hair salon owners need to focus on the new clients that come into the salon for the first time or as a visitor. They try to make them return visitors and make more clients through their links. The owner also knows to make success by indicators and the average amount spent on the salon or other purposes.

Services provided in hair salons

For hair, much money and time are spent. It can be called hair is a big business. Now in hair salons, owners express services to their menu cards. Some hair salon services are these.

Hair treatment

Flat hair is a common problem among every man or woman. Hair salons add a service of extra volume that sell for flat hair persons. Hair salons offer volumizing products like shampoo, serums, and sprays for the solution to this problem.

Semi-permanent hair accessories

Mermaid strands and hair tinsel are hair accessories for fun hair ways that add dimension and colour to hair. It is now in trend and these services are provided in hair salons. It is not only fun but also done in a few minutes to add colour to your hair. Especially celebrities and TikTok stars are taking this look.

Healthy scalp treatment

Hair problems like dull hair, dandruff, and hair fall are caused by problems with the scalp. Hair salons treat these hair problems and offer services by shampooing and massaging with good conditioner into their scalp.

Blow dry

Blow dry bars are in trend and there is no better feeling than coming out of a hair salon with a fresh blowout. Hair salons offer a luxury blow dry. After this experience, a client feels like a superstar. These treatments give hair a glamorous and bouncy look.


In hair salons, many styles are applied to their clients by their choice. The treatment of chemicals and heat produces these hairstyles. These styles of hair like straights, wavy, curls, and perms are long-lasting and permanent.  

C Curl perm

C Curl perm is a hairstyle in which hairs are straight from start and curled inwards or outwards at the end. This hair treatment creates a bouncy, fresh, texturized hair look. It can be suitable for all face types and shapes. It is suitable for those who want to look good without spending much time on their hair.

Types of C curl perms

In C curl perm permanent waving is a chemical treatment that rebuilds and breaks your hair to give a desired and natural look. There are two main types used to give a C curl perm look.

  • Cold perm

Cold perm is also called the traditional way of C curl perm. In this treatment, heat is not involved but applying chemicals and wrapping hairs around the rode and then curling them with other solutions. In this treatment effects are:

·         Hairs become less damage

·         Curls are more prominent when wet after drying loosen up

·         Voluminous curls

·         Not very expensive

·         Shorter process

  •  Heat perm

Heat perm is also called digital perm and is used for C curl perm. In this treatment wet hairs are rolled up on heated rods and given time to activate C curl perm. In this treatment effects are:

·         C curl perms look more natural

·         After drying not lose their shape

·         C curl perm stays for longer

·         Give a bouncy look

·         Less maintenance

·         Can use a curling iron

C curl perm normally can last for six to ten months. It also depends on hair types and their care of it. If they keep well maintained then they stay in their shape or curls for a long time. On the other hand, if they are neglected there is a chance to break down into a frizzy mess. C curl perms become looser and looser over time so maintenance is a priority to keep them set after taking this hairstyle.

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