Top 5 Must-Have Ingredients For Your Skincare Routine

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Looking for a guide that gives you a complete process and ultimate ingredients that sit right with your skincare routine? Well, here it is!

An effective skincare routine is critical to helping your skin be at its best. While it displays its health and condition through visible signs, there’s often more going on underneath the surface. This guide reviews five key ingredients that should be in your skincare routine. You will also find some helpful tips to get your skincare regime started.

Best 5 Ingredients For A Better Skincare Routine

In this article, you will get to know the best ingredients you should always look out for in a skincare product. By doing so, your daily skincare regime will be much better and improved. Besides these, drink enough water and keep an eye on your liquid diet because it is not only the most fundamental skincare habit but a must-have to maintain overall physical health. Here are five must-have elements for skincare products.

1. Azelaic Acid 14% Face Cream

As one of the top trending ingredients in skincare, azelaic acid offers several key benefits. It has antimicrobial properties, suppressing the growth of bacteria that can cause acne. It also calms inflammation and redness while gently removing built-up dead skin cells on the surface. Azelaic acid is considered a mild exfoliant, but it’s safe enough for daily use. 

Azelaic acid is an organic compound naturally found in grains such as wheat and barley, but it’s also produced by Malassezia furfur yeast that grows on healthy human skin. Azelaic cream is also safe for all skin types.


2. Lotion with Niacinamide

Part of the Vitamin B3 complex, niacinamide is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Niacinamide in skincare usually appears in moisturizers or products targeting specific concerns. This ingredient does a few important things for your skin: reducing sebum production, combating bacteria-related inflammation, encouraging cellular repair and boosting the creation of healthy fats known as ceramides. 

3. Retinoid Creams

Retinol has long been an important staple in skincare regimens. Derived from vitamin A, retinoids are well-known for their effectiveness in fighting hyperpigmentation plus minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Because retinoids lose their powerful punch when exposed to sunlight, they mostly appear in products intended for nighttime use. Foundation Skincare Night Renewal Cream contains Granactive Retinoid, a next-gen version that delivers the benefits without increased irritation of some traditional retinoid products. 

4. Products With Peptides

You’ll find peptides in a huge range of skincare products. Rarely do they appear alone — they’re mostly paired with other ingredients, such as retinoids and antioxidants. Peptides are amino acids used as building blocks for skin’s building blogs, such as collagen and elastin. Peptide growth factors are produced by our bodies, stimulating our cells to repair themselves. 

5. Hyaluronic Acid Lotions

No skincare ingredient list would be complete without hyaluronic acid. Naturally found in the human body, this lipopolysaccharide typically appears as a viscous fluid inside areas like our eyes and joints. Hyaluronic acid is classified as a humectant, which means that it retains moisture. Thanks to this function, certain parts of your body stay hydrated. 

Hyaluronic acid products have advanced significantly since their introduction. Today’s versions, such as Foundation Skincare’s Hyaluronic Acid Lotion, use smaller molecules, which better penetrate the skin’s surface to aid in hydration. Other benefits include repairing your skin’s natural barrier and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

3 Steps For A Best Skincare Routine

The three main steps of any skincare regime would be the same for anyone. These three steps are:


If you have makeup on, thoroughly remove that makeup first. You must ensure to remove the makeup carefully, even if it is just a tiny amount. Always use a cleanser that is gentle enough for you. When using a cleaner, think of less as more. A few drops are enough to cleanse your skin of all the impurities and dirt.

Exfoliating And Toning

Now that you are done cleansing your face, the next step is to exfoliate and apply toner. You can use light exfoliating products that are not harsh on your face. Your skincare routine may also include hydrating masks. Toner balances your skin and preps it for the moisturizer or hydrating mask.


The next and final step is to protect and preserve all the moisture of your skin. You should apply a suitable moisturizer. If you have really dry skin, choose a thick moisturizing cream. But if your skin is oily, always go for a non-comedogenic non-clogging lotion. Your skin will become hydrated and soft after this skincare regime.

Science and Skincare

With skin being the largest part of the human body, it’s no surprise that so much science has developed to its care. Knowledge and application of beneficial ingredients help us maintain moisture, elasticity, firmness and structure. Azelaic acid, niacinamide, retinoids, peptides and hyaluronic acid are all foundational ingredients in the modern skincare routine. 

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