Top Ways To Be A Pro At Applying The Perfect Makeups

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As a beginner, applying makeup the right way can seem a bit intimidating to you. We have got you! We are here to help you with tips for becoming a pro at applying the perfect makeup. From your end, you require to buy the right makeup online and know how much of it you would like. Once you do that, we have got the rest covered.

Applying perfect makeup requires a lot of tips and tricks. It requires skills as well. Let us be your guide. Continue reading to get the best tips for applying the perfect makeup:

1.  Apply Foundation Before Concealer

The first step towards starting your makeup is preparing the base on which you will apply your blush, highlighter, eye shadow, etc. The base should be flawless. This is why you should apply foundation before concealer. This protects the concealer from getting smudged. It also prevents your concealer from getting cakey and unevenly blended. However, if you buy makeup online, make sure that your skin’s shades are correct.

2.  Use A Spoolie Brush For Your Eyebrows

If you are still learning the basics of makeup, you probably do not know how to fill your eyebrows. In this case, a spoolie brush comes to your rescue. You can always brush your eyebrows with it. It is also very time-saving if you are in a hurry. Another thing you have to keep in mind while using a spoolie brush is that all your eyebrows are going in the right direction.

3.  Lip Exfoliation Before Applying Lipstick

Just like your body, your lips require the best products. You should use lip scrubs and lip balms to keep your lips moist and hydrated.

4.  Use A Powder And Tissue To Set Your Lipstick

To set your lipstick and keep it to the perfect amount, you should always take the help of some powder and tissue. Take tissue paper and put it on your lips. Then, apply lipstick on top of that. This will prevent the colour from bleeding as the tissue protects your lips and the lipstick.

5.  Remove Face Oil With A Towel

It is very important to keep removing the oil from your face because it could melt your makeup. It is also used to keep removing the extra oil from your forehead, nose and cheeks. You can use a soft cotton cloth for this or tissue as well.

6.  Pop It Up With White Eyeshadow

If you are exhausted from applying the same old neutral colours to your eyes, it is time to take your eyeshadow game up a notch. Use a white eyeliner pencil to add a pop of colour to your eyes and make them look bolder. Whether you are heading for a night out with friends or simply decking up for another big wedding, this could be your go-to makeup to look like a standout. You have to take the White eyeliner pencil and smudge it on your eyelids a bit. You will have your very own bold eyeshadow ready. You could also deck it up further using other colours to give it more effect.

7.  Use Saline To Revive Your Mascara

We all know that using a tube of Mascara for more than three months could be harmful to your eyes. It has the potential to attract harmful bacteria that can irritate the eyes and cause infections. However, if your Mascara has dried up before time, you can always revive the liquid using the Saline solution. Now, you need not throw away the entire tube when it dries up. You can simply revive it with this solution by only adding a couple of drops into the tube. Shake it well before use, and you will have your Mascara as new as ever.

8.  Set The Lipstick With Powder And A Tissue

Afraid of having your lipstick smudged in the middle of a party? It’s time to bid the fear a goodbye. All you have to do is put a tissue over your mouth. Once you do that, dab some translucent powder on top of it. This will prevent the lip colour from smudging. It will also help you get a really impressive Matte effect on the lips and will help keep the lipstick as it is for longer.


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