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Metal Braces for Teeth Alignment: Everything You Need to Know

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Picture a kid with braces. What comes to mind? We are sure that, like many of us, you must have thought of a lanky middle schooler with a set of wired metal braces. As these metal braces are the first thing that pops into our brain the moment we think of braces.

This is because metal braces are one of the most prominent and widely used orthodontic treatments for aligning teeth. It is cost-effective and gives guaranteed results. If you have been thinking about getting metal braces for yourself or your child, then here’s all the information you’ll need!

Let’s start by understanding what metal braces are.

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Metal braces: what are they?

We have often seen braces being worn by many people, but do you know what they consist of and how they function?

As you may already know, metal teeth braces are an orthodontic treatment that has been used for decades. It helps to realign teeth that may be overcrowded or crooked. If a person’s teeth aren’t properly aligned, it can cause many health problems like jaw problems, chewing, gum disease or speech issues.

This is why metal braces are used to apply gradual pressure to the teeth to realign them. The metal braces are bonded or cemented by an orthodontist to the teeth. The braces are joined and kept together by a flexible wire that slips through openings in the brackets. The wire will then be secured by the orthodontist using tiny bands called ligatures.

These are economically viable solutions as metal braces cost much less than other orthodontic treatments for the same purpose. Now, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of metal braces.

How to get metal teeth braces

The process of getting metal braces starts with an orthodontist appointment. If your teeth are overcrowded or misaligned, your dentist may suggest putting braces to align the teeth perfectly. 

To start with, X-rays of your mouth and teeth will be taken, after which the dentist will take an impression of your teeth. You will be told to bite down a soft impression material for 2-3 minutes for the creation of the mould. 

After this, a customised set of metal braces will be made for your teeth to ensure that they fit in your mouth perfectly. Using a special adhesive and ligature bands, braces are set in place. This procedure is relatively painless for many people. 

You must floss and brush to ensure that your teeth are perfectly cleaned before getting the braces placed. Getting your teeth cleaned professionally before the procedure is also recommended.

Once you have them placed, it is normal to feel a little discomfort in the first few weeks, however, after a while, you’ll get used to the feeling of having metal braces placed. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Metal braces are fixed onto a person’s teeth, ensuring greater control in movement and more efficient results. They are the best option in case of extreme cases. Not only do they help to realign teeth and increase your self-confidence, but metal braces also improve your overall dental health.

Metal braces are strong and can be worn for years without worrying about discolouration, and you can choose from a variety of colours according to your wish. There is no denying that metal braces work and will definitely improve your dental hygiene.

However, they have many drawbacks as well. One of the major factors that steer many people away from braces is that they are uncomfortable to wear. It takes months before you get used to them and you also need to monitor your diet once you have metal braces on. 

You will not be able to consume sugary and chewy foods like candy as that may get stuck in your braces. They can also hamper your self-esteem as they are easily visible. Although metal braces are cost-effective, they have a number of disadvantages as well.

So, if you are looking for orthodontic treatment, then you can choose from a range of other options like ceramic braces, and clear aligners as well. 

Out with the old, in with the new!

If you’ve ever considered receiving orthodontic treatment, you must be familiar with clear aligners. Clear aligners, which are more modern than traditional metal braces thanks to advancements in orthodontics, are quickly replacing them. 

In comparison to braces, they are far more comfortable and convenient, and they are similar to how much metal braces cost, making them a much better option. Your teeth will eventually be straightened with the use of clear aligners. These provide you with greater mobility and comfort as compared to braces, and their translucent appearance makes them invisible to the human eye.

Take the free smile evaluation if you’re thinking about obtaining clear aligners, and contact toothsi to schedule a scan.


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