Beauty Hair Care Home Remedies

How To Make Hair Grow Faster And Thicker Overnight

hair growth home remedies

Effective Hair Growth Home Remedies:

Every woman desire for the long, thick and shiny hair. Everyone tries different tips and products for hair care, but the result is not remarkable. Only the lucky ones are gifted with beautiful, thick and strong hair and rest of the women make huge efforts to make their hair beautiful. Undoubtedly, our hair defines the look result in which everyone tries new hairstyles, colors it, go either for straightening or curls. No matters how hard to manage but all the women desire for long, thick and lustrous hair. Here are the hair growth home remedies tips to take you in the right direction :

 1. Healthy Scalp –

Always keep your scalp healthy. If you keep your scalp healthy, your roots will be stronger and will give you long and thick hair. Consider your hair is like a little plant, it needs time to time trimming, cleaning, oiling, and nourishment. If you nourish your scalp, it will nourish your hair. 

healthy scalp

2. Healthy Diet

Using the right products and care is not only enough, but you also need to have a healthy diet and balanced diet to maintain your thicker and longer hair. Drink plenty of water, consume green vegetables, fruits rich in vitamin ‘c’ and iron. It will keep your healthy, hydrated and replenish them. It is best hair growth home remedies.

3. Say ‘no’ to Heating Tools and Chemicals –

Use of heating tools can make your hair dry and damage them. Occasionally go for such tools, otherwise, use natural ways to smoothen or curling your hair. Do not go for hair treatments that are done through chemicals, as they do only temporary good to hair and will damage the roots.

4. Ginger Juice For Hair Loss-

Grate good amount of ginger, squeeze and take the juice out. Apply it to your scalp, leave for half an hour and wash it off with the mild shampoo. Ginger will improve blood circulation and protect hair follicles.

ginger juice fir hair

image source-Organic Facts

5. Onion juice –

Mix onion juice with your oil and gently massage your hair and wash with the mild shampoo after an hour. Onion juice will reduce hair fall and add volume to your hair. 

onion juice for hair loss

Image source- Google

6. Coconut Milk For Hair Loss –

Coconut milk will nourish your hair and keep them hydrated. Either use homemade coconut milk or get it from the market, apply onto your hair for an hour and wash it off with the mild shampoo.

7. Potato Juice –

Peel one potato and grind it, extract the juice and apply to your hair for 15 min. Potato juice is rich in Vitamin A, B, and C. This will keep your hair thicker and stronger by preventing it from thinning of hair.

8. Coffee for Stronger Hair –

Add 4 teaspoons of coffee with 2 cups of water. Boil it on high flame and let it cool down. Cleanse your hair with shampoo, then pour this water into your hair, cover your hair for 20 min. with the shower cap and wash it off with water. See more

9. Turmeric for Hair

Take a cup of raw milk, add 2 spoons of turmeric powder and 2 spoon honey. Massage your hair and wash after 30 min. With mild shampoo. This hair mask will always keep your scalp healthy to make your hair grow longer and beautiful.

Follow these easy and simple hair growth home remedies to keep your hair stronger, thicker and shiny. Write us about your results and suggestions in the comments. If you like my article share it and follow me. You can also check my other articles on Trabeauli website.  

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