Fall in love with yourself again with a rejuvenated look

Waking up to tiered distressed looking self? Do you hate the way your skin feels? The new Phoenix Skin Care PRP Facial  is here to the rescue. Who doesn’t want youthful, radiant, glowing and smooth skin without the signs of aging? Sounds like a dream. Now dreams are coming true with this new technology also known as vampire facelift. The best part of this treatment is that it leaves no side effects as Botox injections do. There are no allergies, rashes, swollen throat, difficulty in swallowing or shortness of breath. It is free of allergens. The procedure is somewhat similar to Botox injections, yet it is different. Let’s see how?

The magic is within us!

The new vampire facelift facial regenerates the DNA of our skin cells by using the power from the platelets, plasma and white blood cells centrifuged from the individual’s blood. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Our blood is the power source of the healing properties to revitalize the facial skin. The risk factors? There are none. As the procedure uses the individual’s blood as the source, there is no chance of getting any sorts of infections of allergies.

Beginning to end the signs of aging

  • The simple procedure begins by drawing blood from the patient to be centrifuged to concentrate the blood platelets.
  • While the plastic surgeon or therapist makes the blood platelets ready the patient is prepped for the treatment. The prep starts by cleansing the face followed by the application of a numbing solution all over the cleansed area. After this, they apply a numbing solution to the face so that the patient feels no pain and discomfort during the procedure.
  • After prepping the face, the therapist draws the concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma in the centrifuge and administers it in the desired areas. This concentration is rich in white blood cells and plasma.
  • The concentration is then administered in the face in the desired area with injections. It takes a few artistic skills along with medical practice.
  • The best part the whole procedure takes at most one hour from the beginning till the end.

So, now saying goodbye to signs of aging is so easy!

Keep the glow and radiance going on

The treatment will start showing results within three months. The individual can choose to get a touch-up sessions within three to six months. Now that youthful glow is going to stay.

As the treatment starts showing the face lightens up from within. The treatment boosts the skin by protecting it and repairing the DNA- the primary source of proteins for protection against signs of aging like wrinkles, crow’s feet, expression lines, and fine lines. The boost regenerates collagen, elastin, and nidogen to fight against signs of aging to reveal a firm skin tone.

The future generation of skin care is here. What encourages everyone the most is the positive feedback from all over. The risk factor is next to zero, it is painless and you can get the job in a jiffy with this new miracle anti-aging treatment.

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