Why ideal cut cushion diamond engagement ring are considered unique?

cushion diamond engagement ring

Reasons why ideal cut cushion diamond engagement ring are considered unique

Diamonds come with all the uniqueness! None can resist the shimmer and glow of a diamond-studded engagement. Today, there are several cuts also available for diamond wedding rings. One of the popular cuts that have a prominent place in history is the cushion cut. It follows the princess and round cut in rank and has been a popular choice of celebrities like Jenifer Lopez to Jenifer Garner.

Understanding the cushion cut

Simply put, the cushion cut is what cuts the diamond deeply inside a rectangle and square shape along with rounded sides and squares. There are huge facets and an open bottom. Most people today take the cushion cut to be a vintage and old school version of the new age round cut.

Additionally, the cushion cut is also termed by many as the “candlelight” or the “pillow” cut. The new age diamond wedding rings have been designed in a way that it emanates vibrancy, bright light, and sparkling energy. Here the cushion cut diamond rings have a sublime and unique glow as compared to the regular rings. It might lack the stunning brightness that the new age cuts showcase, but it comes with a dreamlike appearance.  The cushion cut diamond rings are reminiscent of the old classical times. Some of the best examples of this are available in the best Singapore ideal cut diamond wedding rings.

The cushion cut diamond ring has been there for many centuries. It also has got new age variants for the same. Going back to history, it was Marcel Tolkowsky, who had come up with the new process of cutting the cushion cut diamond, that gives it sheen and glows. And since then there have been umpteen contemporary cutters that have styled this diamond cut in new ways.

Generally, this type of diamond is often referred to as the “modified cushion brilliant”, based on the latest grading reports. And sometimes, the new age cushion cuts take on the look of crushed ice with an improved glow.

Benefits of the cushion cut diamonds

The cushion cut diamond allows an increased amount of variance in the cutting style. It is the best choice if you want to sport a distinctive look with your diamond. The proportions usually vary from a square to a rectangular shape. Even the facet patterns can change. Typically, the ring width and length needs to follow a certain measure, but there’s always scope where the customers can customize the ring based on their choice.

Also, few of the popular diamonds around the globe has been in the cushion cut. For instance, the famous Napolean Diamond Necklace, which was a beautiful gift that Napoleon gave to Empress Marie-Louise, his second wife had 253-carat cushion diamond. The diamonds were cut in an old mine.  

Since the cut cushion diamonds are available in many size and shapes, it shines in multiple settings. Also, the cushion cut can also maintain its natural shade for a longer time than the other diamond cuts. If you have been looking for yellow, pink or any other diamond, the cushion cut is the ideal choice for you. And an ace online jeweler helps you select the best variant.


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