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5 Unique Ways To Show Support During Breast Cancer Awareness Month  


With October upon us, we are taking the time to truly focus on breast cancer, a disease that affects so many of our lives. Although efforts are made year-round to find a cure, during this month there are ample opportunities for everyone to get involved and support the constant battle against this illness. There are endless ways to give back to this community and help them achieve their goal of continually increasing the survival rate.

You have walked/ran in the races supporting the cause and made donations to your local hospitals. These are amazing ways to give back and show your support. However, there are always opportunities to do something more. This October, try these 5 different ways to invest your time and money towards the efforts to support this community.  

1. Donate for a woman in need to get a mammogram

Early detection has been a cornerstone in the efforts to increase the survival rate among breast cancer patients. Being able to get a handle on cancer in the earlier stages has proved to be the best way to overcome it. However, a lot of women do not have access to health care with the technology to accurately detect these symptoms. The National Breast Cancer Foundation gives you the opportunity to donate money to provide a mammogram for a woman in need. Mammograms are the best breast cancer screening techniques, so making this available to a woman who does not have access to could be the difference between life and death!

 2. Look into companies that support the cause

Various companies across the country join together during Breast Cancer Awareness month to spread awareness and raise money for research. They go above and beyond, and many of these companies are so relevant in a woman’s everyday life. True&Co., a female empowered company, offers a line of pink lingerie through the month of October where 25% of each purchase from this collection goes toward Keep A Breast’s stigma-busting programs. Estee Lauder also joins the fight by offering their Advanced Night Repair product with a pink keychain as a limited edition. 20% of each purchase goes directly toward The Breast Cancer Research Foundation whose mission is to find prevention and a cure within our lifetime.  

3. Make your home a Hope Lodge

American Cancer Society offers various ways to give back as well. One program they launched is Hope Lodge. To receive the best care, many patients have to travel across the country to different hospitals. This can add to some pretty expensive and unexpected costs, like the hotel and travel expenses. What this program does, is offer a free place to stay for patients and their caregivers in the city where their best hope for effective treatment is. Offering a nurturing and home-like setting in their time of need is a great way to volunteer this October.

4. Support the survivors

Finding the cure is always on the top of the list for most of the initiatives in supporting breast cancer. However, an atypical way to invest some time is giving back to the women who have survived! There are ample opportunities for you show the admiration and respect you have for these individuals. Some examples would be joining American Cancer Society’s Reach to Recovery program or even purchasing mastectomy patients a bra that fits their new shape and size. Reaching out to this community is really important and is a great way for you to do more this October!  

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5. Join the Road to Recovery

When you think about it, treatment literally cannot be successful if the patient isn’t there! Signing up through the American Cancer Society’s Road to the Recovery program, you are able to become a chauffeur for in need cancer patients. By volunteering your time, you are able to make an incredible difference in someone’s life. You become a life-saving asset in the process of their fight to overcome this disease. Opening up your schedule in the coming month and even after, you will further fight for the cure!

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