Weight Loss: Exercise to Lose Weight

We all know that exercise is the key to successful weight loss yet many of us don’t get enough exercise. The modern life which encourages travel by car and works in front of a desk seems particularly hostile to exercise.


The biggest mistake most people make when they go on an exercise program is to make it chore. They join a gym, buy special exercise clothes and announce that they visit the gym every week. Then within a couple of weeks, they will be back to their same bad old habits and won’t lose any weight.


The best program of weight loss exercise is one that you will actually follow. A good suggestion is to concentrate on the exercise activities that you will actually enjoy. If you like to walk make walking the central part of your exercise program. If you like golf or gardening make that activity your main exercise.


If you are doing something fun you will be more like to engage in that activity. If your exercise seems like a chore, you will treat it like a chore you will try to avoid it.


Another good suggestion by getphenq.com is to try and fit exercise into your daily schedule. A good way to do this would be to find reasons to walk, yes walking is an exercise. If it is possible to walk to work or another regular activity start doing that. Another great way to lose weight is to start riding a bicycle instead of driving.


Get in the habit of taking a walk or a bike ride every day. Walking the dog is a great way to get some exercise and to give the dog some exercise as well. The dog will be there to remind you to exercise and walk every day.


Another way to increase your walking is to take public transportation such as a bus or a train instead of driving. People who take public transport walk more and get more exercise. If you do drive simply parking farther from your destination can get you some more exercise.

Start a simple program of basic exercises such as push ups, sit ups, yoga or pull-ups that you can do at home. Then get in the habit of doing those exercises at home every day.


Finally, find ways to make exercise fun as you can. Listen to your favorite music, books on tape or radio programs while you run, jog or ride your bicycle. If you use a treadmill or stationary bike put it in front of the TV and watch your favorite shows while you exercise.


One final thought invests in a Nintendo Wi or other interactive video game. This can turn a sedentary activity into an active way of having fun.


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Chris Greenman

I already follow most of your suggestions. Like listening music or reading a book. Besides that i also meditate. These help me a lot to balance my weight. Now a days i am taking some natural supplements as well. These supplements are made in US. So i can easily trust on them. Hope in your next Article you will write about supplements in weight maintaining.