Warpaint Teeth Whitener – The Natural Way to a Brighter Smile


Even the most perfect set of teeth can appear unsightly if they are stained and discoloured. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to whiten teeth. Discolored your budget, time and preference, you can get teeth whitened professionally by a dentist or use one of the several options to whiten teeth at home.


What’s also important is to understand the long-term risks associated with teeth whitening. With most over-the-counter solutions such as trays and teeth whitening toothpaste containing chemicals such as bleaching agents, glycerin, parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate, more people are looking for 100% organic products which are safer and result in the same outcome.

One such product which has risen in popularity is Warpaint Teeth Whitener, which contains activated charcoal as a key ingredient.


Here are some of the commonly asked questions around charcoal toothpaste and why it’s being touted as a safe and natural teeth whitener.


Historical Background of Activated Charcoal


The first clinical applications of activated charcoal occurred during the early 1800s when investigators demonstrated how charcoal helped in preventing poisoning in humans and animals. In 1831, a French pharmacist, Professor Pierre-Fleurus Touéry,  put his life at risk by ingesting 10 times the lethal dose of strychnine, the poison rumoured to have killed Alexander the Great. Along with the lethal dose, Touéry also took 15 gms of activated carbon. A gathering of people watched in awe as Touéry walked away from the event unharmed, convincing the medical community that the benefits of activated charcoal were worth investigating further.


Later in 1831, an American physician, Hort, administered charcoal orally to save a patient who accidentally ingested mercury chloride.  The benefits of activated charcoal were examined over the next one hundred and fifty years, and despite much work being done, only in the last 50 years did activated charcoal receive universal recognition for medical use.


How Warpaint Teeth Whitener Works


The main ingredient in Warpaint Teeth Whitener is Activated charcoal which is derived from bone char, coconut shells, coal, sawdust, olive pits  or other materials. The charcoal is “activated” by processing it at high temperatures, thereby changing its internal structure to make it more porous compared to regular charcoal. During this process, any other harmful substances are also eliminated.


Activated charcoal contains negatively charged molecules which attract gases and toxins which have molecules that are positively charged. These molecules get absorbed by the activated charcoal.


Aside from absorbing these molecules, activated charcoal also traps nasty free radicals which cause harm to the body. Swallowing charcoal toothpaste while brushing teeth is harmless, since activated charcoal is not absorbed by the body which allows the toxins to be carried out of the body through excretion.


How Warpaint Teeth Whitener Whitens Teeth


Unlike tooth whiteners that contain bleaching agents and other chemicals, the activated charcoal present in Warpaint Teeth Whitener, works by absorbing compounds such as plaque and compounds which stain teeth. The chemical properties present in activated charcoal serve as a natural teeth whitener, not by neutralising toxins, but by binding to them and extracting them which results in whiter teeth.


Other Benefits of Warpaint Teeth Whitener


The benefits of using Warpaint Teeth Whitener is not limited to just whitening teeth. Some other benefits derived are:

  • Prevents cavities
  • Balances your oral microbiome
  • Improves bad breath
  • Re-mineralises teeth

A Safe Alternative to Teeth Whitening Strips and Trays


Tooth whitening is a global industry and the global market for teeth whitening products in 2016 was valued at USD 5.56 billion. The trend indicates that the value is expected to rise to USD 7.4 billion in the next six years. Although activated charcoal toothpastes have a small share of the market, it is free from added chemicals, making it one of the safest teeth whitening products available.


How to Use Warpaint Teeth Whitener


If your teeth are particularly sensitive, consult with your dental practitioner before using any charcoal toothpaste. Avoid applying excessive force or pressure when brushing and preferably use a soft-bristled toothbrush to protect the enamel. Protecting tooth enamel is important to reduce the risk of oral diseases and developing sensitivity.


Some users prefer to smear charcoal toothpaste on their teeth and leave it on for some time, rather than brushing which allows it to absorb toxins and plaque. The benefit in using this process is that it avoids any abrasion from being caused.


If you decide to try out Warpaint Teeth Whitener, it is recommended to check with your dentist if the product is right for you. Start by using the toothpaste twice a week and if you experience gum soreness or excessive tooth sensitivity, then stop using the toothpaste and resume only when these symptoms have disappeared.


Author Bio:

Aiza Tordil is a beauty and health blogger from Love Thyself offering helpful advice on beauty tips and healthy living which she practices to keep looking healthy and attractive.


She is passionate about sustainable living and always up on the hottest natural and organic skincare trends. Ultimately, she hopes to tell stories that strike a chord with people and provide them the importance of using only natural and organic products.

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