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Top Vacations to Explore Wildlife and Nature at its Best

Vacations to Explore Wildlife and Nature

Vacations to Explore Wildlife and Nature In Australia:

Australia is one of the top tourist destinations for those who love wildlife and nature the most. People from all across the globe come to Australia for the experience of close interaction with the amazing nature and wild animals here, whether is the thrill of floating alongside the whale sharks or spying on the koalas in their natural habitat, or spotting crocodiles at the banks of the billabongs.

Australia Tourist Attractions:

1. Australia’s wildlife

The wildlife of Australia is incredibly unique and largely diversified. There are many species of animals and birds out there which cannot be found in any other parts of the world. Alongside wildlife expeditions, the zoos and parks in Australia also offer the visitors a great opportunity to confront animals up close.

You may watch the Tasmanian devils fight, kangaroos relaxing by the side of the beach, click a photograph with a quokka in the background, and touch nose with a white shark with only a cage in between. Let’s further explore on this page, nine of the most extraordinary wildlife destinations in Australia.

2. Swimming with the gentle giants of the oceans

Ningaloo Marine Park is located at about halfway through the western coastline, which is the habitat to a large number of whale sharks which you can visit so close to the land. At Coral Bay or Exmouth (during April through July), you can enjoy snorkeling alongside these ocean giants of up to 46 feet long but are harmless vegetarians. Other beings to explore here are manta rays, tropical fish, whales, dolphins, turtles, etc.

3. The Great Ocean Road of Koala at Victoria

Great Ocean Road is one of the most stunning drives in Australia. Winding along the south-western coast of the country, there are a lot of forests, cliffs, and hairpin pins en route. You can enjoy the charm of many beachside towns also by taking this route.

You may explore the grey koalas which may be hidden on the treetops on the way. The Lighthouse Road of Cape Otway with a diversion through 20 kilometers from the Apollo Bay. Koalas are there everywhere, but they are camouflaged, and you may not be able to spot them that easily. Once you tune your eyes to explore, soon you can spot them in abundance.

4. Meet Tasmanian devils

If you are visiting Cradle Mountain, then one of the luxury hotels out there, Tasmania’s run a retirement for this endangered species of animals, where you can enjoy them in a mimicked natural habitat of the around one-hectare area. There is also an adjacent sanctuary where you can explore more about this indigenous Australian animal.  

5. Snap the kangaroos on the sand


It is an unusual sigh to spot them sandy beaches, which could be an unforgettable memory for you. You can see the eastern grey kangaroos flock around the South Coast of the New South Wales, who are out there to soak up in the sun and relax. They come in large number on the sand and the grass. They even don’t mind posing for a photo with you.

Plan your vacation in Australia well it aiming at a wildlife safari as there are many cheaper and nature-rich destinations in the country which the major wildlife travel packages may not cover.

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