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Top 10 Things A New Nurse Needs To Know [Updated]


Things A New Nurse Needs to Know

When it comes to life-saving we say the doctor is everything but we forget about nurses actually they are also important just like doctors. Truth is nurses are the most trusted healthcare professional‘ because they are with the patient almost every time.

Multitasking of nurses -They spent most of their time with patients and they are like a teacher, advocate, critical thinker and innovators. Nursing is an honorable profession and nurses are like the second family of the patient as they take care of a patient like a mother, guide like a teacher and helps like a friend.


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New nurses should keep in mind to make their profession flawless

  1. They need to develop critical thinking and critical reasoning to act and take the right decision at the right time
  2.  New nurses should make friends with technology.
  3. They should be adaptable to the broader picture.
  4. They need to keep their private life and career different as its impact can be harmful to a career.
  5. They should go with a thought to learning where to learn.
  6. Always be ready for unexpected as nursing is a career where everything comes unexpectedly.
  7. New nurses should practice effective communication.
  8. They should develop mentoring relationships with their colleagues

Nursing is not an easy profession like another profession, it demands dedication, time, sincerity and honesty altogether from a nurse. So there before entering this profession and while being a new nurse, there are some things which a new nurse needs to know.

So for more details, we point out 10 top most important things new nurse needs to know.

10 Top Things A New Nurse Needs to Know

  1.  Never be afraid to ask questions ask whenever you want and whatever you want to know never keep a place for any doubt in your mind and try to clarify your doubts.
  2.  Always plan for the worst and hope for the best as this positive outlook of nurses gives them a chance to cope up with their profession well and for they need to be on time and for that they should always use a light or glow in the dark watch to be on time
  3. Try to invest in your footwear because nurses have to walk a lot in their entire career for which comfortable nursing shoes are needed. So they should always wear appropriate nursing shoes which are made for ultimate comfort and durability.
  4. They should learn to eat between task because nurses don’t get much time to spend on eating during working hours so for that they should bring bottled drinks and packed lunch or sandwiches from home for which good Tiffin case is needed to save their time and to keep their body active.
  5. They should organize the things they need to do and should wear compression stalking for which they need a journal or planner in which they can note down all things to do in working hours to keep themselves updated. They should wear compression stockings because nursing involves a lot of footwork to do and prolonged stockings take care of their legs.
  6. Find time to exercise as we all know exercising is a good stress reliever and helps in staying fit for work so for this some compact stress-relieving and exercising equipment nurses should keep with them.
  7. New nurses should always carry a penlight with them because it can be needed at any time and especially during the night shift they should carry a penlight in their pocket.
  8. They try to keep two of everything whenever they are almost to do a procedure like dressing they should keep two of it for case or urgency. They need to have clothes of good quality and made from fine and comfortable fabric which will keep them calm and tension free. Nursing clothes are the best option for them.
  9. New nurses should keep some items in their pockets always like bandage, alcohol, cotton balls scissors, tape, and saline flush. They should also buy gloves of the right size for their hands because unfit gloves can create a disturbance while working.
  10. New nurses should invest in a good stethoscope because stethoscope can last for a lifetime and it will be their primary buddy while doing assessments. They should always level their stethoscope and pens to avoid confusion.

New nurses need passion, patience, stamina, dedication, sincerity but along with all this, they need an attitude of not ignoring themselves. They need to keep themselves update not only with technology but in dressing and accessories too as they should wear proper and comfortable nursing shoes and should have nursing clothes which are suitable for their profession. They need to keep in mind what accessories they have to keep with them every time like stethoscope gloves, sanitizer, bandage, and their phone.

Nursing is a profession of respect and dedication but new nurses should take care of themselves too for giving better care and service to patients. As they take care of a patient like a mother and gives their time to them so we should also respect them and their profession.

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