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What are the Pros and Cons Of The London Underground

london undergroun


Whether you are a resident or a tourist, traveling via the London underground, also known as ‘The Tube’, comes recommended by many. It is a comprehensive yet simple mode of transport in and out of central London. Thou highly recommended, the London underground, just like any other mode of transport, has its own pros and cons. Some people will ravel at how the experience was worthwhile, while others will have some not-so-good opinions of it.

If you are an aspiring London underground traveler and would like to know more about its pros and cons, read on.

PROS of the London underground:

london undergroun


The best thing about the London underground network is that no matter where you live or stay in London, you are most probably a few minutes away from it. This also applies to visitors or tourists. This trait makes it a very easy city to stay in. It also makes the move from one place to the next very amicable.

The above reason is why it is the most popular mode of transport in London for both tourists and residents. In all stations, there offer free maps to ensure whether you are new or otherwise, find it easy to catch the right train and head in the right direction to your destination.


London underground is one of the most cost-effective modes of transport in the city. This is especially true for people with a prepaid Oyster card. This is because tube fares are capped making them fairly cheap.

This is to say that you will never pay more than 8.80 euros, no matter how many trips you take.


Regular upgrades are made to the trains to ensure they are modern and can serve its users better every day. Most of the trains have air conditioners and its stations are clean and presentable.

The trains are also taken to regular service so the likelihood of breaking down is low. For the past couple of years, there has been an immense positive change in the trains and their services. Smoking and substance use is prohibited in the trains.

CONS Of The london underground:


Despite numerous upgrades, there are a few times trip delays and cancellations are made with minimum to no explanations. Regular passengers will notice these delays, unlike visitors who have no time deadlines.

If you are a visitor traveling to London for the weekend and plan on taking the tube, you might experience some disappointments as weekends is time mostly scheduled for maintenance purposes.



There are times, especially during rush hour, when it can be quite crowded in the stations and in the trains. This could mean standing on the train for the whole journey.

There are others who are lucky to get a seat; however, they will not be comfortable due to the push and shove of the other people who are standing.


Traveling via London underground is smooth. However, you will not miss that one or two persons who make the ride uncomfortable. Sometimes, there is that one inconsiderate person who will speak very loudly on their phone or even play loud music on the train.

All in all, the London underground is a great mode of transport and is very efficient. If you are a visitor or a tourist, trust the tube for an unforgettable smooth ride.

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