Let’s celebrate Love! LGBT Community Celebrates Across The Nation


So, today is a Proud and Historic moment of India, and we are here to witness it. Love and sex have always been a taboo subject in India, but now India is moving towards the Advancement of Society and we all accept it with open hands.

On 6th September 2018, Supreme court of India decriminalized homosexuality by declaring Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code unconstitutional. The Court unanimously said that individual autonomy, intimacy, and identity are protected by fundamental rights.


So now LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) is legal and official in India. Past decades have witnessed LGBT people gained more and more tolerance in India, especially in big cities. There were the Honour killing, Attacks, Torture to the people of this Community. But now no more, they all have got equal rights to chose their partner and also the gender of the partner.

There are no official demographics for the LGBT population in India, but it was recorded in 2012 that there were about 2.5 million gay people in India. Due to the lack of support of Family, Society, and Police, these people never reported any discrimination or injustice against them. Families used to hide these things, and they were forced to act normal.

If we have a look at the History of India, it reveals that homosexuality has been prevalent across the Indian subcontinent. The Khajuraho temples, famous for their erotic sculptures, contain several depictions of homosexual activity.

Transgender individuals used to hold high positions in courts of Mughal rulers in the 16th and 17th centuries. Homosexuals were not considered inferior in any way until about 18th century. It was the coming of the Britishers, which changed everything. They started criminalizing people (Heterosexual and Homosexual) under section 377, IPC, which came into effect in 1861.

The world has witnessed many couples die because the society won’t accept them. In 2013, India was represented by Nolan Lewis, at the Mr. Gay World 2013 contest. He had trouble finding the sponsors. Previously, India had been represented by Zoltan Parag Bhaindarkar at the Mr. Gay World in 2008. He did not return to India and was reported to sought asylum in the United States But, the judgment passed on 6th September, had made it possible that people may no longer see the fear in the future, but hope.

So, Let’s celebrate Love!

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